Thursday, July 23, 2015

More Cousins! More Food! More Sights! (because that's how we roll)

I think the trend of this section of the 'away from home' blog is becoming quite clear. If not, let me continue. I'm here and you're coming with me.

By the time I got downstairs for coffee, The prep for dinner was already well started.
In the jar of beauty are slices of turnips (I'm pretty sure it is turnips!) in brine with a bit of beet for color. Michael says it will be well pickled in about ten days, so we'll just enjoy the beauty of it.

A peek through the kitchen window.

The wall of red day lilies gets bigger each morning.
I haven't looked this morning yet but I'm betting there are three more open
 (the ones open here will be done now)

This is what happens when you say yes to a Michael omelet. At least I was half smart; Jonny and I split this one.

Alert! Alert! We will take time out from food to look at this goldfinch. 

More garlic from the garden
Carroll was not thrilled with the garlic this year. Planted in a different spot, the three or four kinds did not do as well as last year's. I say, growing things is like that, yeah it is.

Michael, Jonny and I took a drive about while Carroll waited for the shutter man to arrive (he did and all went well, meaning the measurements were correct and the result looks good - even here in the land of many choices, that is a big deal).

A look across the lake

A very charming little town with lots of buildings for rent.
The stores that are open are wonderful.

So much better than having a monkey on your back

It was love at first sight. Alas, he couldn't come home with me.

An old bridge, with much new roadwork going on all around it.

This reminded me of home
 We went through another neighborhood, full of huge old homes along with some very charming small homes. I even saw a tiny house but missed the photo and there was no turning back at that point. I'll still hope.

One thing we did see, something I like almost as much as bridges, were these wonderful stone walls. Both dry stacked and mortared were beautiful examples of a disappearing art.

Not everyone lives, or wants to live, in a mansion on an estate on the lake. 

Of course, if you do live in a mansion on an old estate on the lake, you just might have your own graveyard. Handy for so many reasons.

This is just about the right size. And the right feel.
We hit some second hand shops, including bookstores. In one store was this figurine that called out 'Carrolllllllll'. Neither of us are much on the figurine thing but this one was quite different and very much alive. I hoped Carroll would feel the same. She did.

Though we all agreed on NO LUNCH Michael put out an array of some leftovers and a few new additions. It was an irresistible buffet. Why bother to resist at this point? Yes, I'll have some filet mignon and even more mellowed slaw and a spoonful of chicken salad yi yi!

I really wish I'd known we were going to this farmer's market. It is held in the neighborhood once a week on Wednesdays, starting at three and going until 7 to accommodate all sorts of schedules. While smaller than many, it had everything. From just about every place we went. Plus more. Next time, I'll just wait for the market to happen and not get totally overwhelmed by everything of everything everywhere else. 

Sure. Wanna buy a bridge?

This was the stand of a Hungarian man, who, for 35 years or so, was a mechanic and then decided to make and sell these chimney cakes (he says that's what they are called in his country). 

I love everything about this operation. The tools for making it, the process of rolling it onto the mold, the stacks of outer choices (cinnamon, hazelnut, walnut, and a few I forget), the oven, the amount of time it takes - 6 minutes. And him. 

No, you cannot buy this, it is made from wood you cannot get. The oven the same.
You cannot get this wood anywhere. It will not burn in the oven. It is old, rare wood.
This woman has a brilliant idea done well, salads in a jar. Naturally, her business is called Jarz. We got the ginger salad and it was fantastically full of bright flavor. Her set up is very smart; you can order online, as Carroll did and then pick it up or she will deliver. Well done!!

Some of what was on offer. There was much more; breads and honeys and wines (yes, and good ones at good prices too), organically raised meat - which would make up the meat portion of our meal, olives - we got the cashew curry stuffed was crazy endless and all in one tiny parking lot.

At home we were moving into countdown for dinner mode but it was also break time as we all went our own ways to read/nap/do whatever for awhile before the cousins arrived.

shhhhhh...the kitchen is quiet for a while

The table is dressed. Very dressed for burgers and fries - use it or lose it

I took my break time to the yard. Every time I am surprised by something I missed in the morning, late morning and afternoon walk by's. This time it was the discovery of Mr. Hedgehog.

And the false raspberries. They are edible but don't get sweet. Good jelly/jam material!
More still life in the kitchen. Carroll was tasting peas from the garden and left this out for sharing. 

There is pretty much a store for everything here. Including a french fry shop. I didn't write down the name of this place that has been in business for 55 years, but Jonny and Michael watched them make the fries and bag them up to bring home. Pop them in the oven when ready for crisping them up and wa la! French fry heaven.

Carroll looking beautiful as ever

Ready for the oven
The cousins have arrived! Hello! Kenny and his wife Barbara

Michael busy on the grill deck
Barbara keeps busy taking care of Jesse and Leslie

Jonny and Kenny. That would be older than me Kenny with hardly any grey hair.
Just wait! 

The redhead is our cousin Leslie, sister to the cousin we met up with the other day.
The good looking young man is Jesse, Carroll and Kenny's son.
I want him to come to Culebra! 
And that is all I know about that! Spinning head with full heart. both roiling in a memories/closing-the-gaps whirlpool. It was time for bed. Oh yeah.

Have a tranquilizing Thursday. Do something transposing traditional trends.


  1. I am in love! I am in love with the garden, the family, the kitchen, the town. I am glad to be along with you!