Monday, July 13, 2015

Go to Work!

That is probably the first thing I'll say to my brother after saying good morning. Go! Go! I need a recovery during my recovery day! Yesterday turned out to be an old pals reunion, catching up with friends from 25 + years ago. Even with couch timeouts in between, after sharing catch up stories, most good, some not so much - hey, a lot can happen over decades - I was ready see the end of the day and reacquaint myself with my latest best friend, Mr. Ice Pack. 

Life is excellent. One of the joys of being older is having old friends to share the memories with. All of those memories include walking uphill both ways to school in subzero weather. In Florida. Only old friends remember that, even if they grew up some other place.

My one big regret is not getting photos of Tony and Patty, but sometimes the time you are having is bigger than photos. That's all good but later on, it's 'damn it!'

Waiting for Tony, Patty and Jonny, what else is there to do?
With over 2500 types of palms, I only knew one of these is a coconut palm.
Now I know one is pinnate and one is palmate.

Trivia factoid for the day from the Mother Nature Network (there's 9 more of 'em in you click on the link): Palm trees have two different types of leaves: palmate and pinnate. Palmate leaves, like hands, grow in a bunch at the end of a stem. Pinnate leaves are like feathers, growing all along either side of a stem. 

Now you know.

We had literally walked in the door from brunch as Tony and Patty headed back westerly, when Bob showed up. He and Jonny went to one of their old haunts, the Tiki Bar (where we'd just had brunch). I gave it a pass. We'd get together later. 

It got so much later that I walked down to the bar, where they were coming out the door. That didn't last long. Walking a block and a half all that way can work up a thirst! insisted She Who Must Be Hydrated.

You know those friends you haven't seen for decades and it feels like only yesterday? Like that, it was. Just add in some grey hair and, me, not him, sheesh! Maybe pacemakers keep you alive young?

This is not an old friend, this is a just met her in the bar friend.
I do know her name is Maria and she designs kitchens.
Instant ingredients for conversation. Um, for me and her.
I don't know what this conversation is about.
When we finally did leave, the parking lot was filled with Boxsters and  other cars like this Lotus. Across the street a bank had been torn down to make way for the condo being built (figure that one out). I'm not getting that Republican 'the economy isn't working' vibe around here. Maybe it's the beachside Tiki Bar being that good. Nah.

The neighbor was in a Sunday mood and invited us all in for happy hour. Or we invited ourselves in for happier hour. Not sure how that went. Then Bob was gone, I was couched, Jonny was saying good night and another Sunday Funday was in the history books.

I see naps in my future and I just woke up. 

Have a mind your madness manners Monday. Do someth zzzzzzzzz.


  1. One of our sons lives in Pompano, one in Fort Lauderdale. We were there mid June for a birthday beach cook-out bash at Crandon Park. Debbie 60, Derek 30, same week. Stayed on beach until the beach patrol kept riding by with loud speaker blaring 'Get out of park, the park is closed!!' We disobeyed until third pass, they started sounding angry. Also, went to South Point Raw Bar in Lauderdale, same week, fun place. Hope you are mending well, this sounds worse than when the yard boat at the shack jumped out at you. Enjoying the travel log blog ;-))

    1. That's weird, I wrote a whole long reply, it disappeared. And it was so clever! I'll work on it and do it again. Gist was - getting kicked out of the park? EPIC!!! And the boat thing...shhhh. It was worse. Or looked worse. Is there a stupid accident contest? I'd be a contender.

  2. I thought my 'yard boat.....' comment was cryptic. Hehe. ;))