Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Best Laid Plans

Thinking I'd do at least SOMETHING on the houseboat, because I sure haven't done much except nod-my-head-toss-in-comments direct, I took paint and roller in hand the other day and did exactly what I set out to do, put on a 2nd coat on the decks. Then, finished, proud of myself (wait for it), I stepped off the houseboat to the dock, hand to the boat, grabbed air, crashed down the side, pulled the paint from the dock - how? - onto my head (shoulders, nose ears, clothes, toes) and fell in the water. With the paint. With the roller. With a mouth full of humble pie (it tastes like salt water and paint, in case you are unfamiliar with it). Where did those happy boaters who were just there a minute ago...go? Gone. Happy 4th, y'all!

Slogging over to a neighbor's dock with a boat ramp, hoping to see absolutely no one, I took my paint covered self back to the dock, put the lid on the ruined paint, shoved the rollers together and haven't been back since. Argh.

Yes, a video would have been good. 

Except for the bruising of my side from top to buttom, and polluting the bay somewhat (so sorry! I did manage to get the bucket out with most of the paint either on me or still inside the bucket), I finished what I'd set out to do and should never, with my bad arm, have done. 

Obviously, I enjoy learning my lessons the more difficult way, sometimes more than once. Or twice. I've gone to bed for a few days, not exactly the plans I'd made before leaving island for a few months, but hey! The best laid plans go awry sometimes. Sometimes with no one to blame but self. Damn it.

I've never been to the Ceiba airport until yesterday. It's quite fancy, inside and out.
(I had an inside photo but it has disappeared into the ethos)
Also, it is quite a taxi ride to Fajardo, thank you, John the taxi guy.
Yes, I miss the other airport.
As has been noted, it could have been worse, much worse. X rays show no broken ribs so I can still fly without blowing something up inside myself - wonder if TSA would catch that? The clinic people are as great as ever (note: getting that X ray machine and pharmacy going on would sure be wonderful for Culebra, you can say that again- and again). I am also incredibly fortunate to have a friend who is a sister of mercy.

Flowers outside the airport. That's about as much pretty as there is and it is pretty.
Instead of leaving a day early to play with friends in San Juan, I'll keep on the down low until time to go tomorrow. Thankful for grace, for love, for more chances. It's not difficult to count blessings in the waiting room for X rays, in case you are ever feeling sorry for yourself for not enough good reason.

Life is good! Sometimes painful, but oh so good.

Have a weed your wailings Wednesday. Do something wrenchproof.


  1. Awww! Poor baby. When I do something like that, the pain is usually more to my pride than my body. Hope the same for you. By the way, I understand the "hoping to see absolutely no one". Only thing worse than tripping/falling is having witnesses. Take care, my friend.

    1. I wish the pride that went before the fall was all that got is the first day I'm feeling like it is actually going to be okay, as in, feeling some improvement. No laughing hard, no sneezing, no coughing, except for that sort of thing. Thanks, it WILL be all right!

  2. Awww, glad you're okay! I tripped and fell last fall (with no witnesses) and broke 3 ribs! Didn't get an X-ray for a week! I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone! :/

    1. So sorry! I waited a few days, wasn't even going to go because you can't really do anything and I wasn't feeling stabby things...but then worried about flying, doc said here's pain meds, get x rays and truthfully? The pain was...oh mama! so I did both. I can't even imagine BREAKING three of them, mine are just super bruised up. Hope you healed well! Yes, no witnesses helps ;)