Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello Canada!

What can go wrong? Not much, but don't depend on your phone for your boarding pass (that wasn't me), sometimes paper just works. Allegiant is a cheap ticket airline but I found it a good ride. I think almost everyone on the flight to Plattsburg, NY was going to Canada, lots of French being spoken. 

He is beautiful 
He only speaks French I don’t
He smiles, I’m young

The only not perfectly fine thing was having a seat in the middle, but luckily between two nice young people, particularly the one to my right (he was haiku inspiring). With my brother across the aisle. Not sure how that happened.

One of those Great Lakes with a container ship plying its waters

A cliched patchwork of farmland

Landing in Plattsburg, NY
 I'm sparing you a lot of in flight photos because this airline tints their dirty windows blue and between those two's like that. Onward!

When we landed, there had just been a very loud and noisy lightning and thunder storm. The lights in the airport went out and for only a moment, everything halted. But out we got and it wasnt even raining, eventually clearing up into a very hot mid-day. 

It is about an hour and a half drive to the Ville de l'Île-Perrot, an island close to Montreal where we are staying with cousins. Along the way there was rural and wind turbines and electric towers. Locks and dams and lakes. 

And some Canada sort of things.

Deer warning signs can be oddly placed, plus their deer have antlers.
Unless this is a very slender moose a leaping.

Mustang Sally and friends
A new bridge and kilometer speed signs
A lock for large ships. We were not in a stopping place
Arriving, lunch was made. Let the eating begin. Again! Beautiful tomatoes, avocados and turkey on a bagel bread made lunch. And there would still be room for dinner. Time did some sort of strange stretch out dance - maybe getting up at 4 a.m. did that? - leaving us awake for days in one day. Or so it seemed.

Carroll is a gardener and makes magic in spaces where once nothing lived. I just enjoyed it all. There are veggies too but I barely made it past the flowers.

Unusual day lilies are one of her fortes. She has many.

Sumac. Don't plant it if you don't want an invasion. But it is very pretty.

The garden holds more than a few whimsical surprises

Salmon and brussel sprouts (yes, I've found when cooked well, I do like them! Old dog, new tricks. Corn on the cob. Summer on a plate. Family. Perfect.

We've just begun. I woke up thinking it must be late and it was not even 5 a.m. The sun was up. Birds were going crazy, no roosters. Tomorrow, I'll see what all the sunrise fuss is about. 

Life is good.

Have a meandering Monday. Do something must-do.


  1. Beautiful flower photos!! In 1968 I burnt my draft card in the folded hands of a similar Buddha statue. You haiku cougar, you. ;-)) Have fun!!

    1. Haiku cougar! What a badge of honor! Yes, I can see you in front of the Buddha doing that. It would feel like the right place to be.

  2. What an exciting journey! I was in Montreal for the first time last month. Beautiful city! Enjoy your trip!

    1. Oh! Glad you got to enjoy it. Definitely one of my top favorite cities.