Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rested, Refreshed, Ready

Or at least really close to all of the above, but you know how I like alliteration. To start something one should finish something else, but because life is really a series of multitasking events, most of us leave a little trail of breadcrumbs that need sweeping up on occasion, clearing the boards for whatever comes next. 

Here are some of my breadcrumbs.

Backofthefridge breakfast burritos

I think Jonny's happy
We did a few driveabouts in neighborhoods featuring everything from charming cottages to reconditioned trailers to lakeside mansions to lakeside 'been there forever and won't ever fancy up' types of homes. There were at least two neighborhoods I felt like I could walk into 70% of the homes and feel like moving in. 

See the seaplane?

What a great way to commute!

Yes, another old bridge

Michael drove very very close to the water to show me the what there is to see.
I'm not very used to hard surface ramps and exited the car before we sunk.
Which wasn't going to happen. Don't challenge the Universe, say I!

Just your average home. Turned into a club.

Peeking at the neighbors

I've never seen metal shutters on a home before. It is kind of a cool look. 

Another backyard neighbor

Gravity is the law
Here is the story of La Maison Trestler
Yes, it really is a log cabin. An old one too.

Once upon a time mailboxes for the neighborhood

Where's the porch swing and lemonade?

Cheery yellow door(s)

Summer cottages on a point.

There was nothing I didn't like about this place.
So easy to love in summer
Another log cabin!!

So smart! Instead of cluttering up the lakeside with private condos/homes etc.
the city built a skateboard park. A really BIG skateboard park.
On this fairly gloomy day there were quite a few kids there. Outside. Playing.
Just say yes.

I was really going for the tinsel horse, leaning out the window backwards.
But the bikes work too. See the horse?? See him? Um, is that a zebra?

This whole house had purple roofs so I wanted to take a shot for Francie.
But we were moving faster than I thought. And going back when there was
so much ahead? Wasn't going to happen. It was pretty amazing though.

Someone didn't get the 'your house has to be perfect' memo
There was shopping to be done whether we needed to or not and this store, Provigo Le Marché, was on the list. Under its first name(s) it wasn't doing so well - sold and sold again the new owners came up with a pretty smart plan. Rename it and re-market it (pun unintended) as a bundle of upscale shopping. They held an international design contest and some Aussies won. The wow factor is immediate and the thoughtful layout comes as you start shopping. 

They even carry a line of clothing in there and damn them, it's pretty nice and not crazy priced. The sale prices will get your cc warmed up.

There would be a lot more photos but I got busted pretty much immediately.
Some stores don't care if you photograph, in fact most stores don't.
The ones that do? They are not kidding around. So here you go!
There is a lot more to the name thing if you are wanting to get the story, you can check it out here. A funny story goes along with one of the names but it's just too auditory necessary to try writing it out. I can tell. 

This car was pulling in as we were getting ready to go. 
The man driving it told me it took him five years to restore it. I asked what he had to work with and he held up the key. "This was pretty much the only thing that didn't need work."

Nice job, bud!

Back at the house, Carroll had been busy harvesting from the garden. Yum. And more yum.

Anyone who knows me knows I do not like cooked greens.
No matter how they are cooked.
Guess what? This is the year I do.

Future on the menu they aren't just to look at anymore greens

A garden candy bowl

Shuckin' and jivin'

Carroll used a recipe from her grandmother (I think, maybe her mother) -
making a basic whitesauce and using simple seasonings.
It was really, really really good!
 We saw the gladiolas opening.

And the POPPIES too!

A bit of living lace

I don't want to say Jonny was begging for dinner but...

One more time for dinner

It's Fiji, the elusive cat!!! It took the whole week to get this close.

More garden art

This is a terrible photo but I'm including it to share the blow your
taste tip top high-ness of lemon and basil sorbet.
Yes, an ice cream machine helps. No you don't need one to make this.
Just make sure to use plenty of basil, it's amazing.

This family is traveling the world in their camper. I don't read French,
 but it looks like quite an amazing journey if you feel like checking it out.
Tomorrow will wind up the trip, in photos at least. In memories, it will last a lot longer.

Have a time tripping Tuesday. Do something traveler-ish.


  1. Re: the POPPIES - Heh! (as in a subdued chuckle)

    I'm a pretty-much-local-bound Sagittarian and something of a foodie, so I'm really enjoying your journey.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Martin! I loved that you knew those buds were poppies, told my cousin Carroll about it, we all had a good laugh and she was impressed too. Yeah, we all love good food and I have the expanded waistline to prove it. I'll need some Turtle time to get back to normalo