Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sweat Dreams Are Made of These

Who am I to disagree? This little time out is in the land of hot. And hot without an ocean is really hot. I mean really fuc freaking hot, 4 showers a day hot, head dizzying hot, like that. 


It is not hot enough to get in the lake, though lake swimming was something I grew up doing when not at the beach. Well, lake jumping from a boat/swinging into from a tree/skiing lake stuff. And I got my YMCA Shark badge swimming across and back on a lake at Camp Wewa - oh yes, I was proud. The same place I learned to canoe, on a lake. Lakes with alligators and water moccasins. If you want to learn how to not fall in the water, it's a wonderful motivator. 

These days though, I admit it. I'm spoiled by water you can see through, especially when I know out-swimming an alligator is a thing of the past, if it ever was a thing at all. Which it wasn't. 

So I wait for the cool of magic light time, relatively speaking, and see what there is to see. this time was flower time.

This is a neighborhood where everybody knows everybody. So a woman walking around taking pictures of flowers gets some looks. Luckily, most people were inside, basking in their a/c.

Right before I got here, there was a LOT of rain. The grass is lush, the flowers are bright. I wish I could send some home.

Have a watery Wednesday. Do something wavery.


  1. Dang I love cooling off in the water but no way would I play with the gaters!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, it's a great word! Used sparingly and not around the children.