Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lazy Days

Yesterday, after an early morning walkabout, was provisioning day. In the town of Bushnell is the land of shopping and that's what I did. When the cart would hold no more, the Turtle was waiting.

Some fairy mushrooms along the way
(no, I don't know if they are really called fairy mushrooms,
they were just so delicate, that's what they looked like to me)

One good thing about shopping with your home waiting for you in the parking lot is that it is pretty easy to put stuff away immediately. One less 'lug out the groceries' step (organic milk! organic chicken! organic mayonnaise! paradise! more expensive? Yes. Worth it in the 'I feel so much better about buying this?' category? 1000x yes. And not eating processed or junk foods keeps costs relative, I think. Are salted peanuts in the shell junk food?).

So there I was, unloading the cart into the Turtle, when this elderly man came hustling up to me. Hustling, for real. Here's how that went.

Man: I'll do my good deed for the day and take that cart back for you.

Me: Thanks!

Man: I saw you in there (me thinking, hmmm) this yours?

Me: (thinking of saying, no, it's not mine, but I like it so I'm taking it) Yes, it's mine.

Man: Do you live in it full time? By yourself?

Me: Yes (too hard to explain what full time means). And yes.

Man: Don't you miss the hugging and cuddling?

Me: ermmm...sure, just like couples sometimes miss not being single. But I'm pretty content with the way things are.

Man: We're with a group camping at (names big, treeless RV place around here). You're it okay to say gutsy?

Me: I like gutsy.

Man: Well, I better let you go. Would you like to have a hug before I go?

Me: (laughing) Thanks, but go take that back to your wife. Have a great day!

Back at the for now homeplace, a couple of others were also shopping. 

Mirror squirrels 

Don't eat in the store

Tasty! Very tasty!
The cupboards are full and tomorrow (or the next day) I roll. North or South, I'm still not sure. It might be time to stick a pin in a map blindfolded.

Have a total toss-up Thursday. Do something teeter-totteringly.


  1. Hey Ms Gutsy. Love this old guy's pick up lines LOL I also love the fairy mushrooms and how you got down to show their profiles. So, stick a pin and drive out to the west side :)

    1. It's given me a few chuckles. The only disturbing part was that he was watching me shop in the store. Not used to big markets, I'm sure I looked the complete idiot, gazing at the miles of aisles, picking up, putting down, smiling, frowning, turning in circles...and then he finds out I live in a tiny motorhome. Of course.

      We'll see where the pin goes. Where it stops, nobody knows. Including me.

  2. Hey, I think you are pretty and gutsy, too. ;-)))