Monday, September 21, 2015

If This Was a Flip Book (fair warning: photo heavy!)

It would be a fast forward movie of the last little while. Insert flipping sounds here.

Time is so oddly fluid, it feels like I've been away from Culebra forever. But in the mountains, time is pretty meaningless after a few days - clocks are for marking moments of hummingbirds and lightning strikes.

A very cool chair. Leather back and seat, stash bag on the side
AND it folds up!

Every moment things change in the off the front porch view

Neighbors are important, no matter where you are. LC is one of the great neighbors of all time, even though he's not up at his place down the road full time. Helping is good and being great company is even better.

A walk in the woods

The plane LC built and has been working on for many years
(the plane he usually flies is off to the side)

They make GREAT cheese (but they were closed that day)
Ashe County Cheese

Lots of cool barns, this was one of them

Weird webworms making huge cocoons 

An old iron stove rusting away

Every day fall grows brighter

One of Jimmy's birdhouses

The chinquapin tree bloom and edible seeds
For some reason the trees are rapidly disappearing

A cool looking place WAY across the valleys
(or hollers in local lingo)

Not the flashiest of hummers but we're spoiled
Michael is a friend from many years ago. He lives on St. Croix and I haven't seen him there in years. But if we're in the states at the same time, we try to get together. Once in Maine, once in Florida and now up at my brother's in North Carolina. Harley guy, wonderful musician and just all around good friend. 

Town guy goes to the mountains

And then heads out to places west before home

Mistletoe way up in a tree!

Beauty that makes people sneeze.

Awesome rainbow with fog rising up from the valley

Fred. Great guy who I want to go fishing with someday.

A strange mushroom. Anyone know what kind?

One of many beautiful sunrises

Jimmy picked this door up along the way. I posed it. Walk on through.

One of about 4 deer I saw. Unless it was always the same one.

It's good to know there is a Doodlebug Lane in the world


Restored and reopened, Todd's General Store is now Buffalo Mercantile Company and Cafe. Kenny made me a great sandwich!

A blue bird, obviously. A Blue bird? I don't know.

Vulture on the fly

It's dark up in them mountains! Eight zillion stars, give or take a few

LC and his dog Buddy 
The next day was so long to the cabin and mountains and people that make my brother's place his place; it was time to head west. That's a good spot to close this down...More Blue Ridge Parkway tomorrow!

Have a more Monday. Do something more.


  1. reminds me of the Blue Ridge mountains I grew up around... went to college in Bridgewater ... many years ago...thanks for the visit...

    1. A very beautiful place to grow up!

  2. They call it the Smoky Mountains, but I think they meant The Foggy Mountains. Beautiful country, beautiful photos, as always.

  3. Great stuff, as usual, hope to see you in Culeb in Nov,

    1. I'll be home in November...I'm pretty sure! Look forward to seeing y'all!