Saturday, September 26, 2015


How it looked not long before leaving Lake Junaluska
Fog is the current theme
Cloudland Canyon State Park, Cloudland Canyon Park Road, Rising Fawn, GA is the official address of where I am. Rising Fawn. Cloudland. It sounds like a spiritual amusement park. I'm betting that on sunny days, from what I read, it really is one of the spectacular state parks. Getting here, the last nine miles a winding climb through fog, makes the name choice obvious - or at least it did on my entry. Looking out at Lookout Mountain was not an option. Maybe someday.

Leaving the office - and it was the nicest of all the parks I've been in so far, by far; there is an amazing gift shop, which glimpsed from the outside - made me think the office must be somewhere else. But it wasn't, it was right there. I didn't think about taking photos, maybe on the way out. 

Papers in hand, I headed to the West Rim loop where one can pick out any spot that doesn't have a name card posted. Tired )happy to be there but tired after an intense six hour drive) I hoped I'd go the right way. It wasn't close to the office, it was another twisting, turning, steep downhill bit and then some. There were a number of choices, I made one that was an easy back in and hook up and I was here! Hooray! 

Giving in to that fried chicken smell in the last gas stop, I fell on it like a hungry dog. It was great, perfectly cooked and still hot. Oh, it's so easy to break personal rules on the road! 

But before I got here, there were some other sights along the way. Most of the time I am gripping the wheel and humming a road song but occasionally, on a flat area, I can snap a photo. 

I skipped Miss Caroline's but I have a very distinct picture of her in mind.

The whole road through the town of Maggie Valley was lined with scenes like this.
Pumpkins and corn shocks, little Fall vignettes to cheer the eyes and draw attention. 
I've always thought that Maggie Valley would be a good place to visit. First of all, the name just warms me. After driving through it, I still think it would be a good stop. Yes, obviously it caters to tourists (like pretty much 98% of the people I know at home) in a big way but it still feels good...and it's pretty on every side. 

Before I forget, yet again, there are two road names from the trip so far that have not gone to the fog room in my head. My favorite (reminded by the name of the town I'm apparently in or near) so far is Rising Daughter's Road. There is something so magnificent about that naming... The other is just funny. Lick Log Lane

Okay. I can file that done.

There are some fantastic blue roads in America. This is one of them; US 74.
There have been a few others and they are very welcome.
I've come to be an out loud appreciator or curser of road architects.
(most of these roads than one name, to keep you on your toes).

US 74 really is a great road. A scenic road. A four lane road. Until it isn't. Even then, if it wasn't raining and foggy, it would be seriously scenic. With the speed limit 35 most of the way (beside being scenic, there's plenty of road reasons to go slow). 

The Nantahala River flows/runs along the side of the road, drawing rafters from everywhere, I'd imagine. Even with the rainy weather the river and road were both busy with rafting traffic. There are lots of turn outs to observe the river; I stopped in one and took these photos. If it hadn't been raining, I'd have stopped a lot more. I'd love to come back here sometime, in sunny weather.

There are lots of semi's on this road. The road gods kept them on their side.

From the stoplight - I liked this post and bench.
 The parking pads here are really well done. See below.

A raven greets me. Of course a raven greeted me. Hello, Sean.
Too cute and I mean that in the good way

That's a big tent! When I walked by someone inside was blowing up air mattresses.
Camping like a Puerto Rican, in fine good style!

Playground featuring a climbing wall

The perfect Culebra vehicle!

Fall is a big thing here. Well, with the leaf thing, I guess so!

This is how the pads are done. Apparently a lot of the parks just make a parking space;
there are notations of grade steepness in the space description.
Here, they are all on the level. Literally. Nice.

The Sims are into decorative. As are a number of campers. I feel slightly boring.

The front of the A frame. Note the dog house and dog in the corner.

I don't know if this guy is from the A frame or not.
He was out walking his mighty beastie.
Right behind me are the woods. It wasn't raining hard so I took a brief walk. 

One of the first trees I saw looked like a bear had been busy. What a surprise. Not.

In a grey and foggy world of brown and green,
these tiny flowers stood out like a beacon was shining on them. 
Later today I'll head out toward Mississippi. Hopefully I'll get out of the rain system that is supposed to hang around here for awhile. Beside not liking driving in rain and fog, there is a super moon eclipse that would be wonderful to see! 

Have a savory Saturday. Do something sensitizing. 


  1. We once stayed in a KOA in Maggie Valley and we were to leave the next morning early and were all packed up. We were staying in a camping cabin. We vacated early because a bike gang moved in and they surrounded our cabin and were trying to get it. We made a hasty exit and stopped in a hotel for the night. Only one room was available. My parents took the bed and my son and I slept in the floor and got eaten alive by fleas!! Memories!!! Scubagirl.