Friday, September 25, 2015

Looks Like Rain

Feels like it too. Predicted for the next few days (NOOOOO, not the super moon eclipse!!!!) on my route is rainy weather. I don't like to drive in the rain but if it is like it is tonight, the gentle sort upon my metal roof actually making sweet sounds, then that is okay. It's the blinding 'I can't see a damn thing' rain I don't want to drive in. 

After an early day of all about tires (shivering tires sent me back to the mechanic, I got four more), the Turtle is riding sweet. But I was in the backend of that dingdingdingwhat'swrong thing and tired, making it very nice to find this cool little campground, Lake Junaluska, (campground is little, the rest, not so little, but at the time, I only place, for me, don't have to drive far, yes!) to plan out the next bit. Even though I'm pretty sure plans are a joke. And a pretty funny one at that.

Easiest pull in at a campground ever!

The landscaping is really pretty here

Don't weep for me, Mr. Willow

Who knew?

Lake Junaluska

A stunning rock
Next life I'm going to be a geologist. I mean it!


Baby daisies (that's the scientific name, of course)

The real name for this is 'red-leaf hibiscus' (really?) or False Roselle
or a few other names. I just call it gorgeous and a home heart reminder

Some past their due date angel's trumpet flowers
There are so many exquisite hybrid varieties!
There are also some factoids about angel's trumpets worth noting. They are poisonous, to humans and animals. Every bit of them. And like some things kids think would be a cool way to get high, they are, in most cases, fatal when ingested as tea. Fair warning. 

All along the stretch of campsites above are apple trees!
It is rainy and cool this morning (okay, cold, thank you, heater!) at 56 degrees, with fog covering the mountains. I'll wait awhile before venturing out. The route to Chattanooga, while not an interstate, is a fast moving 4 lane highway and I'm still island enough to not want to drive on it without being able to see it.

Have a fog free Friday. Do something fall-ish.

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