Friday, April 29, 2016

A Lot of Flora and a Little Fauna

One of the fun parts of house/pet sitting is getting to see different views than my own, even if my own is ever changing. Whether or not it is a place I've been before there is still a captivating differentness in the sameness. Then again, I'm easily entertained. But I've already mentioned that. More than twice.

The stinky starfish flower before it blooms
Also known as the, get ready...
Carrion Flower, Carrion Plant, Carrion Lily, Toad Cactus, Zulu Giant
or Hairy Giant Starfish Flower
and after
(you can read all about them here)

I'm not sure what the cottony bits are from but it's a good look
Yes, yes, it's phallic. But not in a tempting way.
The orchids are deep in show mode
Cacti in bloom
The fauna! 
Last time I was here there were a lot of pelicans, flying, feeding, diving. This time, nary a one. I think that's a seasonal thing. I hope. I did see some kind of raptor, quite small with gold edged wings, but it was gone long before I could have gotten a photo. I'll never know what it was except to wonder over the memory, in a golden frame.

Sol kept trying yesterday. Over and over and over.

I didn't see this one until late in the day. It was hiding. I can see why.

This sailboat sailed about 10 yards farther and then came into the wind
dropped its sails and motored into the bay

Then the couple on it went for an exploring ride. I thought that was pretty cool.
Last night was another one of those where sleep was elusive. No, I didn't go wrestle with an eel. But I did go outside and look at the moon. 

Don't you just want to touch it? Just once?
It was lightly raining when I woke up this morning (meaning I must have gone to sleep eventually; leave it to a boring book to do what it is intended for). Misty and grey and eventually, the sun came around. Sort of. The day is still deciding what it wants to be when it grows up, as the breeze blows strongly, I can hear thunder somewhere but the sun is (I actually had to go outside and look all around to see if I could see the sun; I can't find it) out there in the wispy clouds hanging in a baby blue sky. Weird.

Apparently good fishing weather though.
I really like tanbark sails. There's just something about them on a classically built boat that completes it. Way out in the misty morning there was a vision gift. 

Thank you!
Because I wanted to see if tanbark was one or two words, I looked it up. Wow! There is quite a bit of heated discussion on various forums about these sails, who knew? Well, probably lots of people know, but I didn't. From their history of canvas being dipped in water colored with bark tannins to the modern day dying methods on contemporary sail materials, it seems to me to end up being a matter of taste and money. But you can decide for yourselves. I just like the look and yes, it is one word. 

Have a free from fear Friday. Do something fervently for the future.


  1. I'm with you, I love tanbark sails, too.
    'Phallic, but not in a tempting way'. Perfect phrase and very funny.

    1. You always make me feel my humor isn't just a side dose of psychosis. Thanks!