Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Randomness on Culebra and Beyond

Randomness because often that is how life happens. Even with a plan, a goal and a dream. The trick is accepting that; those happenstance meetings, this blocking to something or other you are trying to do/get to/make happen. For me, that will still be an ongoing lesson until the day I drop off this plane. I hope there is a second of the usual 'OH! Now I get it. Again.'


Do I envy birds? Is that really a question?
Last week, when the water was glass, a trip was taken to the big island for the purpose of sending one of our loved-while-fostered dogs. He was met by folks who have a home on Culebra and know him well, who helped get him onto the next phase of his journey to his forever home. 

On the way there these three fishing boats were headed to Culebra.
The only real movement on the water was from our wake. 

Even the sky had that still clarity going. It was mentioned more than a few
times that St. Croix was visible for days from Culebra.

Sorry for the wires but seeing El Yunque in the clear is worth a few wires.

These huge parrots always make me laugh.

Home always looks good after a day on the roads of the big island.

Home clouds
Still again except for when it isn't. The expected deluge of rainy days failed to show up here but it was really breezy yesterday afternoon, a feel good change after hot stillness. Feel good versus the visual beauty of still water and crazy clear skies...

Have a work on it Wednesday. Do something with wholehearted wowness.


  1. Randomness on Culebra. Isn't that always the case?

    1. What's the opposite of an oxymoron?

  2. Nice! Loved reading that.