Thursday, April 14, 2016

Oh Oh Oh Lookin' Out My Front Door

Yes, another bastardized song lyric theft. I don't know a lot of songs but I know enough that I can pretty well fit almost every situation I've ever come across to a line or two of a song permanently embedded in my brain pan, like it or not. Thankfully, most of the 80's are song brain dead to me, a line that will bring jeers from many of my younger friends who found a plethora of musical wonder in those years. Mea culpa! Sorta.

The stillness has continued. In the afternoon yesterday, there must have been something very tasty about 10 feet away from the front of the houseboat, because suddenly there were birds everywhere, crying out as they dove and dipped and rose again. There were frigates and terns and laughing gulls and one I'm not sure what it was except fast and aggressive. 

It should have, but didn't feel Hitchcockian at all. Maybe it was the brightness of the sky, but all I felt was wonder wrapped in raptness . 

This morning, in the absence of watching my curtains blowing, I was grinning before even sitting up to look out the window. What would be out there?

I just really like the new alcadia from this viewpoint
In the time it took to get the camera (which, on the houseboat, means going about four feet one way and then four feet back) the pink and orange had already started to lighten up. By the time the water was almost at a boil, it was gone completely. No matter, glory was still to be found. 

Oh sky and water painters! Well done!

This isn't out my front or back door, but it's close to the neighborhood. 

Vieques looking clear and bright on a cloud filled day
Have a tantilizingly tasty Thursday. Do something tumbly. 


  1. Beautiful pictures!

  2. I love the mirror effects on glassy water, very nice. That's a beautiful view, but when's the move? I hope it's not May 1st, May Day is not a good time to to be doing anything newly nautical. How about that term, 'newly nautical'? Sounds like a MJ phrase, you may plagiarize it if you care to. ;-))

    1. Don't know. My answers these days may as well come from my favorite way of looking at the future...the unfailing Magic 8 Ball.

      I'll have to think about newly nautical. It is a bit worrisome in the sense of something I might find labled at the Lauderdale Swap sop next to the fake buttocks in leggings display. But (puns happen) I shall keep the timing in mind.