Wednesday, April 13, 2016

He Said, Look at Me! So I Did

The air today is very different. For one thing, it's still. Well, it was still, early on, when I was drawn to the window by the sound and smell of a boat engine and lots of male bantering. Loud male bantering. That's okay, there are worse alarms.

Thanks, amigos!
The ripple is only because of their low wake. It never quite subsided but good enough.

Tea made, emails checked, a couple of crosswords to the good but I kept being drawn to the view. Then a voice called out my name, telling me there was a frigate on a mast. Maybe you've seen a hundred frigates on a hundred masts but I've never seen even one. 

Yep, that's a frigate on a mast alright.
And he stayed. And stayed. He might still be there but I have to leave the boat to write these things. Even when I came out onto the foreward deck, there he was. Preening. 

It was sort of like watching a Great Dane trying to crawl into a human's lap.

Did you get my back features?
Without any white on him that I could see, we were betting he was a youngster. Who thought he was a seagull. Or an osprey. 

I dare say, anthropomorphizing madly, he's looking cocky as hell 
Morning entertainment. I'll take it over a morning news show anyway!

Have a wonder what! Wednesday. Do something wryly.

p.s. political statement for the day

Bernie Go Greenly


  1. I have never seen a frigate sitting still...they swoop over our hilltop, prehistorically winged, all the time , usually in pairs.
    our houseguests are always enthralled.
    PS whats your tele lens?

    1. Me neither! It was strange and I'm glad it wasn't just me thinking that. p.s. 45-200