Thursday, August 23, 2012

Storms and Farms and Bucks, Oh My

Looking at the local (Culebra) radar this morning, it looks like Isaac is a spotty rain event, which is a good thing! Hopefully true too, as the radar has fooled me before and will again. Just seen from Kelli on fb ~ "Weather update: bright and sunny on the hill--a bit windy though. We are all good up here--gracia a Dios!" Yippee!!

This is NOT the local radar. 
This is.

Yesterday we did some work for some friends and then got stopped by El Sol, so it was a good afternoon to do a camera walkabout. 

Did you know that 72% of all prayer flags in the world can be found in Northern California? Amazingly, within about a 100 mile radius. Or maybe 1 mile. Really, it's true. Snopes says so. 

If you read this blog last year, you'll remember this passion fruit vine, which is still growing and this year produced about 7 fruit. None of which are delicious, but they are really a beautiful color, more like a mango than a passion fruit. It's a little bit of home in a very different place.

There are a lot of cool old pieces of machinery around here. For the most part, I don't have a clue what they are or were. All I know is, there won't be many taking a photo of a computer chip that runs a whatever it is anytime in the future.

The temperature changes here are pretty wild. From 102 in the day to in the high 40's at night. Which means I have on or take off most of the clothes I brought with me in the course of a day. Plus socks.

This morning I got up to check the computer and what was happening with Isaac, meaning walking from my tent to the kitchen, where wifi lives. I turned around and this is who I saw. If you turn right at the gate, my tent is down there somewhere...

These deer aren't scared; they usually run a few feet and then saunter. 
He was not even sauntering, he just meandered down the path. 
The shaky photo above was me being nervous he'd bolt and not taking the time I should have. Again.

"All right! Take your damn photo and let me get on with my day."

As I should get on with mine. I think today will include making hot sauce, people like it here and I like supplying it. Well, not the mango hot sauce...maybe I should use those passion fruits.

Have a thankful Thursday. Do something tropical.

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