Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Round Up

While the pace is as slow here as Culebra, there are things going on that have filled my days and nights early evenings, including being able to eat as many blackberries as I want, just taking a walk down the road. Here are some of them.

The Whitethorn Fire Department held a dinner dance to raise money for a building they need. The phrase dinner dance can bring a lot of images to mind, but most of them wouldn't quite match this one. A friend of ours got two tables and bought tickets for a few of us, which was incredibly generous, both to us and the Fire Dept. I ate two of the biggest ribs I've ever seen; having to skip the chicken to do them justice. There were desserts by the eyeful; I only tasted one that was something like cheesecake, pie and regular cake, lemony, tart and sweet all at once. I have no idea what it was called, but it was good!

The Lost Coast Marimba band. I'm not sure how many hand made instruments
they used but they sounded like home turf to me.

Here's a few seconds of them playing. 
They were the first band up - a great start to a really fun time!

This little one reminded me of Helena, not so long ago.

Yep, that's my boy (standing next to Pippi Longstocking)

The dance was held at Whitethorn Lumber, where this old tree made good seating.
 I left before it got dark (surprise surprise) and took a few photos on the way home. Really, it was just an excuse to pick and eat blackberries on the pause.

Sometimes, common is incredibly rare.

This blossom is exactly like our aloe blossom, but the plant is much more grassy looking. 

Mama calling in her young turkey babies.

A woman Elijah knows makes these and gave him this one.
I've been looking at it for three years now and still find new bits that I didn't notice before.
 This morning when I woke up, I saw this. Jupiter was still shining to the side of this pine tree. Here's the scenario. Find camera. Get warm again. Steel self to get back out of the sleeping bag, unzip the screen, take photo. Jump back into the sleeping bag. Dream of coffee being handed to me. Or tea. Or a hot toddy. Or mittens.

But now the sun is out and the day will warm up. Shorts will replace sweat pants, a t-shirt will emerge from the long sleeves and jacket. Life is good. Especially when I am warm.

Have a teasingly temperate Tuesday! Do something tangy.


  1. Looks like quite the party!
    I checked my astronomy book, Jupiter's alignment with the pine tree is an exceptionally rare event.

  2. Mark, I'm so glad you realized that! I also checked it out but didn't want to have people sad they missed such an unusual occurrence.