Monday, August 20, 2012

Why They Call It Fishing...

Yesterday we went down to Shelter Cove to go fishing with a few friends. "Oh, you throw in your line and we'll fill up the bucket in 45 minutes. It will take us longer to clean them than to bring them in." That's what he said.

Yes, he has a wet suit on. No, I'd never go swimming here. Popsicle MJ? I don't think so.

This is the part where Elijah is supposed to be grinning at me with a big fish on the line.

Even the birds weren't fishing. Or catching.

There were a LOT of dogs around, all big, all boisterous.

This made me a little homesick.

Pink stands out here!

We've moved out on the jetty and Julia still has hopes. I was sure she'd catch the first one.

How some people get their boats out of the water.
This guy drives a tractor like our bulldozer guys do bulldozer ballet.

The sun came out a few times. The fish continued to be bored with shrimp.

I had a lot of time to take photos.

It got cool again. The action was non-stop. Drink some beer/wine, eat some snacks, throw a line. Put on and take off your jacket. 

We got hopeful when the ospreys came out.
They were searching a long time and I only saw one catch a fish.
So it wasn't just us. Really.

And here it is!! The big catch of the day. But for five of us,
not even a cracker's worth, so he was sent back to grow up.
It was a beautiful afternoon, foggy and sunny and full of brininess, with the Pacific tossing and turning around us. Nothing like our warmth and sun, but, while I was perched on a perfect for my butt shaped rock, on the inside I was stretched out and smiling. A lot.

Have a made for the moment Monday. Do something memory making.


  1. A fisherman is the one true optimist.

  2. It's good to be easily entertained.