Saturday, December 20, 2014

Better and Gone

After a few days of physical ugh-ness, and that's all you want to know, it is time to head in a southerly direction. Of course, the weather chooses now to warm up. A little bit.

Yesterday a car pulled up and out climbed Sue, of Culebra Sue and Tuck, in the area for their usual winter migration. Tuck didn't come along but it was a fine and happy thing to see Sue. She got the full tour of Francie's digs before we went for a wander to the lake.

Sentinel great white egret awaits us

Francie and Sue catching up

So long, pleasure maker. See you next year.

Thanks for the renewed memories into nowness, anhiga tribe member

Sue noticed the shed snake skin. 'It just means it's around here bigger.'

So long, Little Blue. I like it when you gawky out of your usual elegance.
Later in the afternoon, when I was pretty sure I was on the winning side of the creeping crud, Francie and I took one more walk to the lake. It's a tranquil place to end the daylight hours.

Fishing people have been there the last few afternoons; for two days it was a father, mother and daughter, the mother and daughter, probably late 70's and 50's respectively, were happily serious about catching some catfish. The husband/father was setting up their chairs and poles, something he'd obviously done many times before. We talked about how they filet and cook the catches over the years, he giving credit to his mother in law for teaching him how to filet a fish.

This late afternoon brought other players.

Francie saw an otter while I was throwing a stick for the dog. The dog's person said they come by now and then. I missed the now and we didn't wait for the then. 
The fishers always seem to be as tranquil as the lake. Maybe it's something in the water.

Thanks, Francie and Lake Panasoffkee, for putting up with my longer than planned bit of uggha muggha time. I'll be back, for sure.

Have a soaring sweetheart of a Saturday. Do something situationally satisfying.


  1. Such delightful things to entertain us. Beautiful (and watch out for that snake!)

    1. Glad to entertain you, Pollyanna! I keep an eye out for snakes, usually harmless but water moccasins around there, so best to beware.