Sunday, December 21, 2014

Simple Solstice Sunday ~ A Dream

I ate good red meat
and I really miss being home
Those things do not mix.

A Dream - 

I’m housesitting for Kelli and Dale, but the house is different, really big, with a pool out back and beyond and steeply below that, a jungle - the pool area all open to it. The dogs are more like professionally trained dogs, guard dogs, than the sweeties they are. Someone comes to the house with a big half eaten beef roast, leftovers from the restaurant. I ask what to do with it and the person tells me Kelli usually just tosses them out back for the dogs. 

I think I want it farther, much farther, outback, but that explains the blood trails on the floor and patio. Down into the jungle I go, down down, when I see, on a sort of earthen shelf below me, a jaguar, sleeping. I’m thinking, because its coat was pretty dirty, I think that’s a jaguar. A LIVE jaguar. That is a jaguar. Movemovemovemove.

The jaguar wakes up and turns to me, not advancing, but in crouch form. I take the meat in my hand and sling it over the cat’s head and farther down into the jungle. I don’t want to look back but of course I do and he’s moving farther down to go after the meat but for a moment he stops, looks at me and growls. I’m now officially scared, the growl much much deeper than I ever imagined it could be and it was directed to me. In looking back I realize I’m walking on YEARS of roasts, piles of them and what I’m stepping on is tree limbs at the tops of trees, that’s how high the roasts go. 

I get back into the patio/kitchen area and my son and daughter are offering to clean up the blood spattered floors (Sarah; No, I’ll mop, Elijah, you go start building doors) when Kelli and Dale get home. I realize I’ve not really cleaned anything up or done laundry and they assure me it’s not a big deal (Kelli: Yeah, I heard someone might have seen a jaguar down there. Dale: Don’t worry about it, you’re okay, the dogs are okay, it’s okay).


Moral of the dream: Next time, after a wonderful farewell dinner out with Francie, where we both ate rare roast beef for the first time in we couldn't remember how long, stay awake  until morning.


  1. Got me!!��
    Great story.

    1. Yeah, it was crazy. But writing it down did get it out of my system. Thankfully!

  2. What a dream! Glad you are safe :) Happy solstice~~~ It's magic :)

    1. It was a very good night, all through the house (I was staying in).