Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hello, Ibis!

With a bit of a stomach ailment, the trip south is being deferred for today. But we did take a brief walk down the street and a flock of ibis decided to fly over our heads for a confab up the road.

'Hey, you two, hurry up, the meeting has started.'

'Good bug territory. Wait, oh no! Two leggeds incoming!'

'Next block, turn left, turn left!'
And that is about the most excitement I'm looking for today. It's a chilly morning still at what the thermometer online says is 54 degrees (up from 42 when I got up around dawn), bed and blankets are inviting me back.

Have a tropically thermal Thursday. Do something tranquilly temperate.

I've just read that Richard Kriss passed last night. I know no details, only that his presence will be greatly missed. There is a big band of talented musicians who have received another brother...

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