Saturday, December 6, 2014

On the Farm

There are a lot of names to learn here. Tough, Buster, Jewel and Snippety Do Dah. And that's just the horses. A bit of trivia, a snippet is a facial marking on a horse: 

"Snip – A small white snippet of hair that appears on a horse’s nose between its two nostrils." from Learn About Horses

Snip and Jewel
There. Now you have learned something today. Unless you already knew that, in which case I'll keep trying.

Fog lay over the land this morning, not in the layers Jane was hoping for for my morning photos, but pretty enough for me. 

First glimpse of morning (do ALL of my friends wake up at dawn?)
Pecan grove in the background
It was time to feed the chickens and guinea hens. 

Red Robin

A tractor chicken coop that doesn't go anywhere.
Simple and it works!
And now the day is beckoning with new-to-me places to see and things to do. As we walk out the door, I'll see my new favorite saying.

Why we're all still friends after 45 years
Keep an eye on things, Broccoli.
Have a splendiferously spacious Saturday. Do something sentimental.

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