Friday, September 19, 2014

Free Range Friday ~ Light Up the Sky, Light Up the Grill

Since I forgot to bring a camera to a great meal last night, I decided to sort of re-create it today. That works, especially if it is lamb chops!

Before I lit the grill, the dawn lit the sky. It was one of those waking up to air on color, inside and outside, no rose colored glasses were needed because rose was the air. We were breathing rose. I like that.

A few hours later, I started playing with food. This way of slicing almost through a potato before putting it on the grill cuts cooking time while still giving you a roasted / baked potato texture. But I wanted more. I'm greedy.

Shallots. Potatoes. They fell in love.

If you are going to slice food before cooking it, something should go there. I choose shallots, but you could put slivers of garlic, some thinly sliced veggie, maybe a bell pepper? Something with some juice to it.

A drizzle of olive oil, some salt and pepper, into an oven proof dish (or if you have one of those fancy grill  things.

Fancy grill things, like these. If you're inclined, there are grills and grill accessories made in the U.S. For example, you can check here, at Modern Home Products.
From Weber

From Williams Sonoma

But I have to say, I like this pyrex because up on the shelf, it's almost impossible to burn your veggies. 
 When the potatoes were on, (they will take at least twice as long as the chops) I got the chops prepped. Some rosemary and garlic slivers, some slipped into the meaty part of the chops and some rubbed on the top and then scattered across the fatty back and that's it. Oh, pepper. Pepper is good.

After about 1/2 an hour, on go the chops

Uh, lamb is REALLY fatty. Put the fat side down first. Then...keep a close eye on it. 
 Once the fire subsided, I turned off the full bar (there are three sections on this grill) and put the chops to the side to continue cooking. The fire had actually made a nice crust. Sure, I meant to do that.
Another 1/2 an hour and the chops were done. Done meaning rare done, because lamb is really at its best rare. If that's not how you like it, there are no rules here, but if done means brown inside to you, I'd encourage you to give pink a try. You might be pleasantly palate pleased.
I didn't have any mint jelly, which would have made this perfect. I DID have mint, but it is in my garden and I am not. It was still pretty fine.

You might be very pleased at what Hector will get for you if you ask, so if there's something you've been craving, don't be shy, ask! Culebra is full of surprises.

Buen provecho!!

Have a fill up with feasting Friday. Do something fire breathingly fattening.


  1. Frenched chops, on Culebra, I'm impressed! I love lamb, it's the best red meat.

    1. Definitely one of my favorite meats, and here, such a treat.