Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ Out There

I keep looking at this open page from the Tiny House Blog that I haven't been able to close - and finally decided "Just share it, get it out of your system! Maybe.". There is something about this place that feels really good to me, even though it's not quite finished yet, according to the guy building it.

I have a bet with myself that the chair was once a rocker. Now, it's off its rockers. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
According to Dan, of the Clearwater Gallery (along with The Open Door, a wine bar with food and music too), this is one of what will be a few artists' studios. If you're in Bend, Oregon, you can check it out yourself. I plan on it! Or, you can just build one like it, wherever you are. That rusty-ish red paint works well for me.

Driving around hilltops yesterday, I came across a few places that made me think I was up in the mountains of North Carolina. But it started to rain, so I didn't get photos. But I'm going back, in sunshine! Stay tuned. Stay tuned anyway, you never know what might happen.

This is not a tiny house and yes, I've posted photos of it before. But it was so pastoral and serene and green, I can't resist.
Have a try and be true Tuesday. Do something therapeutic.


  1. That does look like the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC and VA or the Cascades of Oregon and Washington, green and rolling. Makes me want to roll out a blanket and have a picnic. That would be very therapeutic right now.

    1. I thought the same thing. The horses just made it perfect. Sounds like you need to slap down the old red checkered tablecloth on the living room floor and break out the cheese and wine.