Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ Tiny Things

Entwined in the beauty of tiny homes is the appreciation of tiny things. No, not doll house furniture, though I admit being intrigued by some of the more clever pieces. Today is just about tiny things all around us, that we might notice with a slightly bemused smile to ourselves and then carry on about whatever it is we've set out to do. 

One room of Annina Diston's wonderful handmade dollhouse collections. You can see more of her work here. She's brilliant.  You can buy her work, too! photo credit: Annina Diston
I think I had this room once. Or maybe dreamed I did. Annina dreamed it into reality on a very small scale. photo credit: Annina Diston
I was thinking about this the other day when I bought an avocado that turned out to be terrible. Hard one day, slop the next, going from comestible to compostable without a stop. And then there was one like today that I bought a couple of days before, beautiful in its open-topped box of siblings, hard as a rock with once more questionable potential. I put it in its paper bag, to naturally gas itself into ripeness, hoping for the best, each day testing gently for that bit of give saying 'I'm ready!' Today it was ready.

Like so many things wrapped naturally in peels and rinds and skins, each time of opening is a surprise. Will it be bursting with its true selfness or end up a deferred waiting only to disappoint? How to know except to open it? Indeed.

As it turned out, this avocado was true. True true true! First I sliced a very narrow slice, my paring knife cutting into perfect ripeness, a good sign. The skin peeled away leaving no sloppy or dark bits hidden, good sign #2. And then the tasting. Yes! A real avocado! Buttery and rich, even without salt or a splash of balsamic (thank you, Susie, for that years ago taste treat learning!) it was almost as perfect as a memory of picked off one of the many avocado trees in my yard years ago, knowing goodness was in hand - as close as it could be to that was close enough. 

When abundance means one or two perfect things, the spirit responds in kind, making small things and moments bigger than an overflowing cornucopia. I am not always sure how it works, because sometimes it seems more is better. I only know that often, very often, less is more and tiny is bigger. Oh, I think I've said that before. 

Inside these tiny heirloom cherry tomatoes are two seeds, for saving. For next time. 
I'm not clever or patient enough to be a dollhouse furniture creator/designer. I can plant a tomato though. I have young avocado trees growing around the yard, requiring a patience that is pretty easy because, like my 10 year old mango-from-a-seed tree that finally bore fruit, I really never thought it would happen. It might be the wrong gender or it might just wither away. But it didn't. And so far the only avocados from my trees are in my head. I don't have a grove of them, just a handful, coming along. A couple of cashew trees, all tiny seed dreams in the making. 

That's how tiny is. You can ponder it awhile. And sometimes, you can live in it. 

Have a take time for tiny things Tuesday. Do something timely and true. 

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