Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ NC and BC

I've seen lots of great tiny/small homes online this week, but my favorite one is one I tried to get a photo of when up in North Carolina with my brother. I never could (there's not really a place to pull over right there - of course, there's hardly any cars around either). But last week his buddy Robert went up there with him and got the place pretty well. In fact, he got a few photos of places pretty well that I've taken before and he did it better. Gotta get back to the mountains!

photo credit: Robert Bowman
Obviously, the chimney is what makes this not just your average little shack in the country, a chimney covered in wood. Maybe I can get LC (who is my resident guru of all things historical, including flora and fauna) to tell me what that's about. If it's wood on the outside, then what's on the inside? I have to solve this mystery for myself one of these years.

Another place I found led me farther in to the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia. I hadn't heard of this place, but I really like what is going on there. First Nations are reclaiming their traditional home places and tourism done right is making big strides in saving the beauty and wonder of a unique area in the world. It isn't easy to get away from 'what can we do about it?' to doing something but it is happening here.

The following photos are from the blog Solitude Guy

The author lives in this hand built cabin

A glimpse inside
Picking raspberries off the roof

Author's caption - "Abandoned cabin in Bella Coola. Fix it up and move in!"
He also reclaimed a beautiful float house and rents it out, along with a cabin, only reachable by water, available free to anyone who gets there. His blog, Solitude Guy, is full of all sorts of wonderful photos and information and well worth checking out. I could not live someplace that far north but I sure could spend some time visiting. In the summer.

This is an example of the sort of thing on his blog that I really, really like about this guy.

Hi, my uncle had a homestead in Green Bay and your website is one of the only places I've found pictures of the area. We moved there for a while when I was a kid but then my mom decided we needed to go to school and moved. I have always wanted to return to the area. Is there any info you can give me about getting back up there and do you have any knowledge of a cabin that was there? We lived there in the mid 70's.
Anonymous asked
Was your uncle Darryl James? If so his old cabin still exists! I have cleaned it all up and adopted the maintenance of it. The cabin and Green Bay are very special to me - I have collected many of Darryl’s things and other artifacts which are on display at the cabin. If you come to the Valley look me up - I’ll take you there!

Oopsy edit! In reading farther in his blog, I found that the little cabin, along with another cabin, bigger, is NOT the primary residence. This is.

source: Solitude Guy
Yes, that is pretty wonderful.
Have a tiptoe through Time Tuesday. Do something treatingly.

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