Monday, September 22, 2014

When Culebra is Good, She's Very, Very Good

We had a sweet rain early this morning, a fine sound for waking up. Alarm clocks should all mimic the sound of rain on the roof. 

With the sun rising, there had to be a rainbow somewhere. Jumping in Housesitting Hill's vehicle, I didn't have to look far - it was flung over the entire island. Oh yes it was!

And then, absorbed by the sky, it was gone. The clarity left behind was no less spectacular.

There is so much beauty here. I won't say I take it for granted, because I don't think I do, except when I'm too caught up in my own blinder vision. But there are moments when the explosion of beauty just knocks me out. That was how it was this morning. I hope you can get a taste of that.

Have a meet the morning Monday. Do something maintaining the motion of the miraculously mundane.


  1. Very nice pictures, as always. Thanks

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoy. it's really just one of those spectacular days that is changing literally by minute by beautiful minute.