Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I went to the beach yesterday to catch pelicans in magic light. Oh how together I was! Timing and place, perfection. The pelicans were just so. Too bad I forgot to put the now all charged up battery back in the camera.

But hey, I was there. I had my phone. So I took a bunch of bad photos. Who am I to keep them to myself?

I seem to be on a roll, on the border of not quite in the right place in the right time with the right wherewithal going on. Small nothings when looked at in perspective, there are still lessons everywhere, like seeing things too close up for clarity and sometimes too far away for understanding. Would someone find the off button?

And then Simone caught a fish.

He didn't know its name in English. He told me it was in the tuna family and if I'd actually gotten the very forked tail in the photo, that would have helped for identification. But truly, its name is dinner.

Have a what-the-hell Wednesday. Do something warmblooded.


  1. We love this little beach. It ought to be called Pelican Beach because they are always out there playing, actually feeding, looks like playing.

    1. Sometimes I think they are playing, but regardless, it's a play and I am an enthralled audience!