Wednesday, January 21, 2015

And the Seasons, They Go Round and Round

It's peli time again and unlike some former years, they are busy in the bay. Or maybe, being in bed with the tourist flu has me listening more. The heavy thudding splash of their bodies on the water is loud, loud and enticing. I must obey the urge to see them again.

Ungainly, awkward, precise, gravity defying, balletic. All true. The bird makes no sense at all and yet, there it is. Over and over again. I'm addicted. Still and again.

This is a move I'm getting to love. The Kangaroo hop.



I always wonder what they see that brings about this leap. Obviously, it's food but do they SEE the fish or are they just having a hunger pang?

Did I mention gravity defying?
This one was streaking around the 'corner'

There is a little cove break in the mangroves where occasionally a peli will jump in or jump out. 'Surprise!'

This bird seems to have some sort of twitchy thing happening with its wings. I hope it is okay.

Did I mention...

What a be unperturbed no matter what sort of hullabaloo is going on next to you.

Winter weather is so wonderful here. I think of those fall and early winter days in Florida and while I know there are lovely winter days there, it is nothing like home. 

Have a wistful wending way through Wednesday. Do something winged.


  1. Ahh delightful! Such almost the dive-bomb-head-down-gotta-get-one pose :)

  2. So ok, What is this new lens you have, and was it used to take these great photos? And that one where the contrast is so god-awful sharp - I'm betting you didn't use editing software to get this affect. (effect? I've never been sure)