Monday, January 26, 2015

It's All Too Beautiful

Maybe it takes a good bout of the creeping crud flu, keeping one trapped inside a couple of weeks to not pass up a chance to take a brief ride to the other side and find the world looks shinier, brighter more gorgeous than usual. Did you follow that? I sort of didn't. Maybe I'm not getting as better as I thought.

Or maybe, and I figure this more close to the truth, everything is just like it always is but my eyes and spirit had been denied too long (and my brain pan is just getting more scrambled with time). 

Even though just looking out my door is pretty soul sigh satisfying
La Pela, looking out to St. Thomas and other assorted rocks
Looking South (where, on a clear day, St. Croix can be seen)
From the plaza toward Vieques
Everywhere was eye boggling beauty and even though the day was warm, out in the freshness of it, I'd say it was pretty much momentary perfection. Is there more to ask for? I think not.

Thanks to a couple of laddies for helping me get some wowness through the last bits of this stay-home-and-get-all-better time.

Some days I wake up thinking about this blog and this morning, when I did, this is the song that accompanied it. Mine is not to reason why...

Have a magnetically mesmerizing Monday. Do something migratory.

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  1. Always have loved this song...pop song, but sometimes that's all right. Love the drum roll...It's all too Beautiful.