Friday, January 23, 2015

Free Range Friday ~ Culebra

I've definitely got to get back into the blog mind zone! Last night my son came over for dinner. I  made grilled pork chops, baked potatoes and sautéed onions in a sauce made from the marinade of the pork chops - basically OJ and red wine, with some seasonings to put over the chops. But did I take photos? No I did not.

Cooking on the grill in the dark (if it isn't hurricane season, for some reason my flashlights all run away) was a by-feel thing. They were those not as skinny as the skinniest ones from Milka's, but pretty thin, so that wasn't too difficult to judge. The potatoes I did in the toaster oven, smearing them with butter and kosher salt and wrapped in foil, at 425 for an hour and they were only to the smidge side of not done perfectly. 

A leftover potato that will become some part of lunch
There was supposed to be an avocado too but it would have been avocado sacrilege to use it, one of those 'it's alllllllllllmost ripe, maybe it', it's not; you will wreck it' times I find all too often with avocados. Too soon, bad, ten minutes too late, bad in the more icky way. I need an avocado tree bearing fruit! All of my trees are in the 'wait a few years' stage.

The paper bag trick really does work. It should be ready by tonight. Maybe.
If I had a photo of the pork chops on the grill, it might look something like this. Maybe, because it was dark and I really couldn't see them. I could see the light of the fire through them, which was pretty interesting... These pork chops are from the blog Dad Cooks Dinner, where there is a nice recipe for grilling thin pork chops. Luckily, I did almost everything right, according to him. Check it out.

photo credit: Dad Cooks Dinner
For the marinade I used red wine, orange juice, some guava jelly, a little local honey and a sprinkle of cumin and pepper. With some finely sliced onion. The chops swam in that mix for a few hours. When I sautéed the onions and tomato to where they were soft and slightly browned, the marinade went in to cook on low for another 15 minutes or so and then it was dinner. I'll try to remember to take photos next time, promise. 

The most extraordinary thing was the sight of Cwim and Nesta being in the same small space together. My son's dog that he had had the last nine years or so, since she was a pup, is well known to me, a wonderful dog. And the first dog Cwim has let near her. Ever. I am still in shock.

Cwim is still the Queen
Meals don't always turn out as planned. Whether your avocado isn't ripe or you end up grilling in the dark, it's really about the love put into the making of it. Sitting with my son, chatting, eating, drinking, it was a gourmet feast. I think we can waste a lot of energy saying this or that didn't work quite like the plan in our head rather than just saying, it is good to share this meal with you. 

Buen provecho!

Have a feastable Friday. Do something fundamentally fulfilling.


  1. We all do waste a lot of time talking about what did or didn't go right when it is perfect just with the other. Beautifully said :)

    1. Thanks. I've got so many other things to waste time on!