Wednesday, January 28, 2015

So I Lost a Day. Again.

All morning (when you wake up at 4 with a cat on your head, morning starts early) I've been thinking about this Tiny Home Tuesday post. Up until I started writing this sentence, when I realized it was...not Tuesday. I guess that Sunday Funday Monday thing threw me off. At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Now what?

Carrying on anyway!

Yesterday I sat on the front deck of my tiny houseboat with my son, sipping wine, watching the sunset and talking about a 1000 things, but the number one subject of conversation was the re-habbing of the houseboat itself, which I will be moving on to within a month or so. What? Leaving my tiny shack for the tiny houseboat? Leaving my beautiful yard? Leaving Spike the hummingbird? Yes and yes and yes. As my (and many of ours) friend English Karen says, "You'll have a new (and massive) yard to explore!" And of course, she is right.

Things change and although there is some heartwrenching in leaving this yard I've loved and tended to for over a decade, I'm starting to get excited about the move. The poor houseboat has needed a revamp for ages and this is about the best and fastest reason it's going to happen. Luckily, I have my son here to do the bulk of the work; he's living on it until it is ready for me. Hooray!

This is an excellent view but it will not be my view, at least not quite. There is still the question of 'where in the bay' with a few potentials looking good, but that is way down the list of decisions at the moment. More important are some basics, like rebuilding steps and benches and some floor areas where rain did its bad work (as opposed to it doing its good work on the land and in the cisterns). 

Having only lived in one place my whole time on Culebra, the exciting part will be so radically changing gears. I remember how much I liked going out and spending time on it back before it got seriously storm beat up. Just being back on a boat of any sort is a very soothing prospect. Though I've never lived on a boat with a cat before...

I know people with cats on their boats. Of course, most people I know with cats on their boats are a little crazy (you know I say that with love), so that might also help in our case.

You know how projects can drag on and on and on? This one has done that but I get the feeling that we're not too far away from that oh wow we're really close time now. And I'm excited!

This was a day of serious demolition about a year ago. It was way big fun! 
And a way big mess to clean up. But then, almost instant gratification on a project moving along. Woohoooooooo!
There has been a fair amount more un-doing but we're getting around to redoing now. Tiny houseboat hear us roar! (I love to say us and we when it's pretty much my son - mother's prerogative, si?)

I get to do the fun stuff, like ordering solar light/various devices chargers. Many of them looked good but I liked this combo one as well as reviews as well as that they work with underdeveloped countries to provide light in the darkness. Win win win! I bought mine from Amazon and got a nice surprise in an unmarked price reduction. That would be another win on the scoreboard! 

I didn't know until after ordering it that it can be bought on the site with the link below (their link on Amazon made it sound like it could only be bought there...go figure) so that's what I did. 

You can read all about it here.
Have a we can work it out Wednesday! Do something whiz-bang!


  1. How exciting! I would love to live on the water but Doug needs dirt infinity. We compromise...he gets dirt infinity and I get to dream of living on the water :) Leaving the yard you love will not be easy but opening your eyes to see the yard surrounding you will be heaven. So glad you have your son (my fingers wrote "sin but I realized we always have our sin around us! LOL) around to help (I say "help with the knowledge of what that "help" means in regard to your "we" :) ).

    1. I know your love of houseboats! Love of the land and sea are tuggers, but like many things we think are lost, we can always go visit it! Yep, we always have our sin around! It keeps things interesting. I'll try to keep you in vicarious houseboat happiness!

  2. Wow! What a surprise!! Or maybe not, you are a true adventurer in the modern form, Jack Kerouac style. Take a Greyhound bus across country, sure why not. Buy a RV with plans to travel alone where your heart desires, ok, sounds like fun. Leave the land and live on a little houseboat in the Caribbean, that one sounds like my vision of heaven. Not to mention all the little hints, through your blog writings, of adventures of sailboats and Spain. Just keep the blogs coming. Bon Voyage, Mi Amiga, see you in 35 days.

    1. You make my life sound far more interesting than I see it! But then, I know too many others who do so much more. Maybe they feel the same way? See you soon!!

  3. Hi MJ, I read your lovely and clever missive this morning as usual. Your silence a week or so ago was worrisome, and I'm relieved you're back. But on a different note, I have some questions about the Apalachicola area that you just visited -- and I'm about to visit -- but i don't know how to get in touch with you. I was so glad to get the email announcing today's segment until I saw the indication that it was a 'no reply' function. Quelle quandary. Suggestions? What remains in your memory as striking at this point.

    1. Sharon, it's a real easy walkabout place. My suggestions would be some online research about the area and see what pops out to you as sounding like fun. Maybe pick one spot that sounds good. Then let whatever happens next happen! I didn't spend enough time there, partly because I knew I'd be back in warmer weather, but really? It's all about what YOU like. I love oysters and the water and funky antiques, so I tend to gravitate to where I might find them and then usually find something else completely unexpected. Whatever you do, have fun (and I know you will!)