Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sunday Funday Monday

It was a Monday but it felt like Sunday Funday at Zaco's Tacos, with music from a put together band of winter folks along with Doug and Monika. I'm not usually one for crowded places but this was a great crowd with a lot of people I've not seen for awhile, toe tapping, singing along, all joined in a moment of music and friends in a great space. Thanks, you talented music people! 

I wanted to add a short video of the music but it's taking so long, I'll have to do it later
But you can tell from the rapt expressions, it was really good!

Kai hitting everyone up to buy tickets to Abbie's School meal this Saturday. 8 bucks, what a deal!

David tell us a story

Mellow mando

Monika and David making some sweet harmony

I promised Barry I wouldn't say anything suggestive about this photo. Except that there are three great guys in it. 

David takes a break

Oliva in listening mode

Kevin is down here and just in time for his birthday! It was Mike's birthday too.

Chris took this photo and I would only let him if I could have some serious beauty in there with me. That worked.

Though they've known each other many years, this was the first time these two ever played together!

We staked down our corner and Molly saved my seat. 

Mirrors are interesting for photos. Thanks for noticing that!

I think this was maybe the third stringed instrument Eddie played. He's amazing. Too.

We weren't quite sardines but I think the weight limit was close to being reached.

Thank you all so much! 
I'll see if I can get the videos on when I have a better connection. Grrrrrrr.

Have a tailor-made Tuesday. Do something treasured.

In remembrance, this is the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Those who remain are now numbered in the hundreds. A humbled thought to the horrors of history can help us keep from repeating it (although it has been repeated in too many countries since then for the same reasons of 'differentness'); we must do our best to embrace and acknowledge our fellow humans in speech and deed.

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