Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lost Dogs! Special Edition

Here's the deal. Dogs are let to run loose or they get out of their yards (or maybe separated from their owners while they visit the island) and good people either foster them while the search is on or bring them to AWC (Animal Welfare of Culebra) folks, who are alreay inundated with the many satos needing medical attention in the hopes of finding them homes. So if you recognize ANY of these dogs, PLEASE get in touch with AWC!

email -  culebrasatos@gmail.com; or call Lori Novis 267-251-0721

From AWC -

Dear Community,

The following 5 lost dogs have been "brought" to AWC's attention or are under our care. Please let us know if there any leads as to whom may own these dogs. We've posted signs at the Post Office and at the road that leads to Playa Larga.

Take a good look at these sweeties, they want to go home!

White & tan pup, female, found at ferry dock

Black female 'lab' with some white spots, unsterilized, found at Playa Larga

 Black male 'lab' with some white spots, unsterilized, found at Playa Larga

 Beige corgi-like male dog, unsterilized ... wandering around town

Chocolate puppy, found with Playa Larga dogs ... just sent to vet for immediate care
When I say AWC is inundated with dogs (and cats too), I'm not exaggerating. Some people are taking care of multiple animals due to the lack of foster homes. So, here's a foster plug, if you can foster, even if only for a couple of weeks, please do. AWC pays for food and medical, they just need more places where these dogs can get socialized and ready for adoption. You can use the above number and email for information on how to be a foster helper.

Keep your eyes and ears open.

Thanks for all so many do! 


  1. Even if you can't foster - you can ALWAYS help these animals by giving your financial $upport!!
    AWC donation jars are now in 16 different merchant's shops around town. Look for them, and GIVE, please. Every little bit adds up.
    Thanks - m

    1. Thanks, I forgot that very important part!!

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