Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Beachy Grady Fare Thee Well

Our painter/troubadour Grady is heading back to California, to be on hand for the birth of his grandchild, which means a party. Of course it does. And where better to have a 'so long, Culebra, hello coastal California' than Flamenco? A Flamenco we thought would be quieter on a Tuesday after a long holiday weekend. But it wasn't. The beach was dotted with umbrellas from the main entrance to three quarters of the way to the shark pens, looking like some beach in Florida. But we got a couple of tables and under the trees made merry.

By the way, you can see, and purchase, some of Grady's art at Aimee's new shop next to Vibre Verde. More on her shop in the next few days.

Mother and daughter make a beautiful pair

Let the games begin. Ok. There were no games. 

Walt showing photos of a beehive he and Steve took down. But really, I like this photo because he looks like a Buddhist monk. He is not a Buddhist monk.

Bye, Grady! See you on the flip side, Grandpa!

Very delicious honey from the hive. The bees are just for the visual, unless you are one of those bee eaters. 
Fun & friends - the perfect combination

I was taking a shot of this rooster when I noticed a lot of laughing gulls flying around on the beach.

Obviously someone or some ones were creating a feeding frenzy. Maybe that's why so many had an umbrella. Or not.

Thanks for giving us a reason to hie off to the beach, Grady! 

Have a wistful Wednesday. Do something willingly.