Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ Culebra

Culebra, as I've (just perhaps) mentioned before, is no stranger to tiny/small homes. The norm rather than the exception, even in these days of three story container ship looking boxes, along with some very beautiful large homes scattered here and there around the island. 

I was looking at some old postcard photos of Culebra, back when 'town' was over where the DNR is now; wishing I could climb through time and space to walk those streets. It is really hard to imagine the times, this tiny place with Naval complications, simpler lives and dropped bombs, the relocation of an entire town...

But relocate people did. Building and rebuilding, coming back from man made or natural forces of destruction, the strength of Culebra and Culebrense keeps shining through. 

I really do need a wider angle lens though! It's on the list.

There is a row of homes along the waterfront between town and Happy Landing, most still small, a few enlarged. Most of the time the yards are neatly planted and kept trim, a number of them are homes away from home, though not all. Most are of wood construction, rebuilt after Hugo in much the same manner as they stood before. 

This was a field for years and only in the last couple has someone moved this container onto the property, making it a getaway with a view.

For a long time, nothing was going on with this house except decay. Now it is painted in m favorite color, the yard is in order and I'm waiting for when someone is home to ask about seeing the inside.

This home belongs to one of the first people I met on Culebra. The land belonged to his father and the house was destroyed in Hugo. They rebuilt and raised a family here. Every year there is a new paint scheme, this year is Culebra colors.

Probably one of my favorite homes along this stretch. It is not tiny and not big, set into the curve of the land quite a bit farther back than most, done in concrete. There is just a vibe to it I like a lot, or maybe it reminds me of places on the river in Florida. 

Another place that was going down that got a facelift. Teal seems to be the big color this year. I like teal.

One of the first homes built after the big parcela claiming. Parcelas are parcels of land given to local people with the stipulation that they be built on in a reasonable time in a regulated manner. Of course, this is Culebra, so one might see a few...bits of editing to the legal outlines. This place is not one of those exceptions.


I had another view of Angel's in here yesterday, but I just really like this place! Not so much some of the places above him. 

These converted trailers have always been an example of tidy, neat, well painted, pretty yard (there is even a little ornamental bridge in the yard). When the owners are there, they are usually puttering around doing something in upkeep. 
Container homes, trailers modified, small and tiny homes, often family built, we've got them and they have been here a long time. Trendiness is not a part of Culebra's culture, practical is. And when practical and caring meet, it's a really nice combination. There are a lot more homes to look at, and I'm on it, with interiors, yes, I know. I'm getting there. 

I think it's time to repaint the shack. It's teal, for the last 13 years and I'm feeling a need to buck the trend. Or, I could just wait until orange and green come back...

Added bonus! I had not seen this before, though I'm sure many of you have, but I can watch it a lot, so maybe you can as well. Part of Culebra's history, in the not so distant past. While I was protesting the war in Vietnam, Culebrense were protesting the Navy's war against them, called training exercises, on their own home turf. I love these women!

Have a telescopic Tuesday. Do something transculturally timetrippy.


  1. Fascinating video. Have any more?

    1. If you click on the YouTube icon, you can look for related videos there. I didn't immediately find any but I was on a different mission!