Friday, May 23, 2014

Free Range Friday ~ Ridin' the Range on a Burrito

It has been a week of interesting times around here, ferry whack watch of frustration, though the day I went over we left sort of close to on time and got back in the same way, and today it seems we have a passenger ferry working as well. Magically brought to us by the Holday Fix It Elves of ATM, it's too bad more appointments can't be made on the weekend because I bet we have a real schedule for the next three days. Ok, I'm not betting money on that, but the odds are good even if the goods are odd.

I think the best thing I made for myself this week was burritos made of flour tortillas filled with baby sardines, jalapenos, lettuce, onion and tomato. 

Insert imaginary onion in this photo

Because here it is

This is a really small, really delicious tomato from the veggie guy's stand

In reality, I add about twice as many jalapeƱos as in this photo. They aren't very hot, or at least this jar isn't.

This could have cheese on it, or be run under the broiler or whatever spikes your fancy, but fancy wasn't on the menu.
There's a reason I'm single and this meal being a culinary highlight might play a part. Truthfully, I really like eating this, even better with anchovies, and why I don't do it more often is a mystery. Thus endeth the food part.

Ranging around with what you would have seen over the past two days is part dos. Out and about and some yard time, of course. 

While waiting for the ferry, I was dazzled by this guy's bling.

What a difference rolled up sleeves make

Now he's ready.

A few of us decided to go right from the ferry to Zaco's, where there would be music on the new stage area, some sitting in to play and sing with the Doug's and Mariel as base camp. I did have a photo of Sam playing and later Monika singing but they didn't turn out. I'm blaming it on too much time waiting at Hotel Delicias extreme technical difficulties.

The hen, sitting stage right on her seven eggs, turned out just fine.

Once again, I am trying to foil the orchid eating iguanas. What you can't see is strips of aluminum foil, bird netting and a couple of plastic dohingies. Will they work? I'll know for sure this afternoon, so far so good. I wish they didn't love them as much as I do.

A pelican flew overhead and I realized I'd not taken a photo of one with the new camera. Good thing I got what I got because he immediately disappeared after these and never came back. Never being a relative term.

I'm sure aerodynamically there is an explanation for how these birds fly, but it will never make sense to me.
Finally, in the wee hours, I got up to see if the meteor shower was happening. At 3, it was too cloudy. At 4, I think maybe I saw something zipping around, really really out there. Or maybe it was just my eyelashes, fluttering down and up. I looked at the moon instead.

Have a fearless Friday! Do something ferociously fruitful. 

and p.s. It is Memorial Day weekend. Don't forget those oh too many who have died while serving in the military as we are whooping about a long weekend. 


  1. Your burrito inspired me! Instead of the usual sardine sandwich I used a wrap, put in some mayo, scallions, cuke, and lettuce. Excellent and much less messy to eat. Next time I'll add the tomato. Sorry no pictures, it wasn't around long enough for me to get the camera :-)>

    1. One reason I love wraps is the neatness part! Glad you gave it a try and enjoyed it.