Sunday, April 23, 2017

Another Perfect Day for Saying I Do

The evening before was full of dramatic clouds, the early morning only less so. But then it changed into that incredible clarity we get in the islands some days, where you can almost see cars moving on other islands nearby, the water 10 shades of blue, a breeze to keep the sun from being too hot, indeed, perfect wedding day weather. Again!

Vieques is full of tucked away neighborhoods and friends I was getting a ride with took me into one of them, to pick up some beach chairs from one of their rentals. Little houses, steps from the beach, are more the norm than the unusual and I wish I'd gotten some photos of them. Next time. Chairs in the trunk, a bottle of wine picked up and off we went to SunBay, where horses roam and a wide beach waits. With some funny signs.

Best evacuation sign ever (and I'm not a beer drinker)

Waiting for the bride!

And here she is!

Places, everybody!

I do! I do!

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy/Kat Cochran!

Another splendid feast
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And here too!
Of course the chef brings a chef's knife to cut the cake.

Then Jimmy walked around with a bottle of tequila and some wee glasses to finish off an excellent day.

I saw this sign, expecting the usual 'don'ts' but there was not much usual about this one. No horse play or human pyramids! We mean it!

And that closes out the wedding portion of my Spring into Summer. What great joy! Thanks and thanks and thanks for all the goodness, the roofs over my head, the fabulous food and most importantly, the blessing of having dear friends.

Have your best Sunday Funday ever!!

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