Monday, April 17, 2017

I Survived a Vieques Day!!

First, though, a travel tip. Easter is an excellent day to travel on the ferry. From Culebra, where there weren't enough people to call it a crowd - though there were some sleeping who came in way early, just in case - to Fajardo, where there was no crowd at all, and Fajardo to Vieques, with a probably more than half empty boat; it was happy faces and good moods. Nice!

I never rode in this ferry with all the windows. Bright and light, I like it.
This was on the Fajardo to Vieques portion of the trip.

It was a beautiful morning.
Despite weather warnings, we got picture perfect, cool breezes with sunshine and gentle water.

Even the clouds participated in a wispy way

Coming upon Vieques
When I got off the ferry, I found a text saying Jimmy and Kat would be late and to go to Mar Azul's and we'd meet there. Mar Azul has one of my favorite bar views and a funky vibe I like a lot. I could do that. I did do that. They make a good Bloody Mary.

Porch with a view
Jimmy and Kat showed up, joining me in a drink, before we moved on down the road. First they took me to see their restaurant, Coqui Fire, which is in Isabella Segunda. I can't believe I didn't take photos but I was too busy gushing over the place. An old building that has been through a number of transformations, including being a church before they got it, it is now painted and decorated in a way that makes it look like it's been your family's favorite spot for 50 years or more. A big open kitchen (and I mean wide open) with tables in front, a lovely bar, some outdoor seating on a covered porch and there it is. Great rustic woodwork throughout, except the very tall buffet/hutch type piece that holds the liquor and supplies, it's a fine piece of furniture built for the bar by a very talented guy. Here is a great article on the restaurant with lots of photos, check it out. 

That was a great stop on the way to the next bar. With food. I love this place! I'd never been here but it was easy to see it felt right, right away. Plus, at the end of the bar was sitting an old friend I haven't seen in many, many years. We spent a long time catching up. People came and went, Kris, Jimmy and Kat also exchanged local stories about things going on Vieques wise. A grand way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Or morning that became was like that.

I don't know why I thought of Kelli when I saw this.
But I did. 
Kris ordered the dumplings and let me try one. they were amazing.
With Lyman in the front and his wife and whoever that other guy is in the back,
this place covers a lot of ground personality wise and good food and drink wise
in a really small space.

Great to see you again, old friend!

Yes, the famous Vieques horses were everywhere
Next we went to a restaurant bar, rather than a bar that happens to have some darn good food. The next place does a bit of everything, but we were there for the sushi. When the Dragon Egg was explained to me, I didn't see why I had to look any farther. One last half of avocado was found to make the 'shell' of the egg, covering a lot of raw tuna bits, with roe on top. And a delicious sauce underneath. It's making me drooly just writing this.

There was another stop at another very nice place to finish off an incredible day, but by then I was pretty sure any photo I took could be a wee bit fuzzy. I absolutely got the best tour with the best tour guides I could ask for, thanks, Jimmy and Kat!!! 

The bad news is my camera seems to have died. One minute fine, the next no attempts so far have brought it back to life. So for now it will be phone photos and the hunt for a camera is on. Unless this one magically resurrects itself, which would be just dandy, as I am off today to St. Croix for the wedding of a very good and dear friend, before coming back to Vieques for Jimmy and Kat's wedding! I need a camera! This seems to be a theme with me, go to an unrepeatable event, camera's not the first or second time. Maybe I am sending out intense electric happiness and frying them.

Have a magical Monday. Do something momentous. 


  1. Mar Azul. When we used to go to Vieques with our sons back in '99 and 2000, in the afternoons we would go to Mar Azul and play pool. They had a great slate top pool table. Somewhere around this house I have a Mar Azul cap or t shirt. The old people used to tell me 'My how time fly's', now I'm the old people and damnit they were right.

    1. The pool table(s) is/are gone now and some other changes but basically the same place. They were right. Luckily for me, I have a harder time remembering yesterday than 'those days' so it seems more current. Until I see someone's my own.