Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Just In Case You Need a Little Taste of Beach

It's amazing that with all the beauty around here that it is even possible to feel or think anything negative (but somehow, it's possible). When the hurly burly starts to overtake those more gentle synapse snaps, it's time to head to the Balance. Also known as the Beach. 

There were a good number of people there but for some reason, right in front of me, there was no one. I didn't take it personally. Instead I just tunnel visioned into my own private space. Plus the waves were breaking close in and hard, discouraging casual wading and paddling about. Score!

I turned around to leave a couple of times, then there would be THAT wave, drawing me back. But this beauty isn't going anywhere. Returning is easy. I will.

Have a tried and true Tuesday. Do something tempting.