Saturday, April 15, 2017

Semana Santa Good Friday

Yesterday afternoon I thought I might go look for the flamingo at Dakity. A crazy idea, with it being Semana Santa, but the weather and mood were right so why not? Spoiler alert, I didn't see the flamingo so don't go rushing for the photo.

What morning looks like these days
Boats going back and forth in the bay all day and night and day have made quiet little Fulladoza Bay a rock and rollin' place to be. My neighbor, in a very small boat that hobby horses with the best of them said if she was ever worried about getting sea sick, now she knows she'll be okay. There are the few who come speeding into the bay itself, either not realizing or not caring that people actually live there. I occasionally pop my head out and make the universal 'Slow down, careless boater' gesture and no, it is not the same as the one finger salute. Best to be polite in deed if not in thought.

While there were (and still are) calls for rainy weather, it has been pretty much calm and bright this week. The biggest challenge getting out of the bay were the large wakes. But I was in no hurry, turning into them slowly until they subsided and generally moving in the right direction.

A lot of boats!
There were plenty of boats rafted up, some with people in the water behind them, enjoying the biggest and most beautiful pool around. It made me miss the days of the houseboat parties...

Crystal clear water. The water painters had been busy and
did a beautiful job. 
Lots of people were in the cockpits of their boats having cocktails but I didn't see anyone I knew so decided not to invite myself aboard any of them.

It was kind of hard to even tell exactly where I was.
That might not make any sense to you, but it did to me.
I thought about going over by the reef to see if the flamingo was around,
but it really didn't seem like a great idea.
I was surprised there weren't more boats here.
Pretty much every kind of boat was on display

The gulls were having their own confab.
It was a bit hard to pay attention to where I was going
with this glorious water around me.

Costa Bonita (I forget its new name) looks pretty much like a bunch of boats rafted up.
It was time to head home. While I was gone a fairly large motorboat moored on a ball not far away from me. There was music and good times going on and they didn't stay late, which was nice. They are back again today. Hope that mooring is as good as they think it is, as they all went off on another boat to somewhere...

Have a sanguine Saturday. Do something salty. 

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