Friday, April 28, 2017

Another Culebra Thank You

Housesitting is always a treat, whether it's for a couple of days, like now, or weeks. This morning I was up pre-dawn as usual, but just meandering into my day. Check the sunrise, feed and play with the cat, head toward the coffee pot. Or tea. Never got there.

I hear the ding of text notification and see it's from my boat neighbor. At not quite 6 in the morning, this is not a good sign. Turns out a sailboat up ahead of me had broken free, well, its mooring had given up, and it was very, very close to my houseboat. That sped me up a bit!

Erin had been out with the turtle people and had just rowed back to her boat, ready for a nice rest, when she noticed the sailboat was definitely not where it should be. She texted me and came over to the houseboat, sitting on the bow to fend it off if need be. What a great neighbor!

I got to the dock and clamored around a bigger than should be there boat at the little dock, and got my dinghy going. Seeing Erin on my bow and the sailboat about 12 feet from my bow I could only do what needed to be done as I could do it. "Go slow, MJ, take your time, going fast always makes you wish you hadn't," I was muttering to myself, a mantra I'd started from the minute I knew what was going on. 

The keel on the sailboat was softly aground, but it might not stay there for long.

I'd been making calls, with one positive response (thank you, Rick of Rick and Sue!!) until I got a couple more numbers from Carmen Rosa. Chiquitin couldnt get there, one person couldn't come for an hour. It was Pedro and a friend who saved the day, as the wind was picking up and I was not thinking about taking photos. Erin and I joked around awhile but my boat hook was close to hand and I didn't even think about taking photos until it was all well and good. Rick showed up and waited with us.

Pedro and friend calmly took care of business, the same way I've seen it happen over and over on Culebra during my years here, while my heart was doing a tango. The boat hook came in handy as his boat kept wanting to kiss mine. But within minutes they were off and away, taking the boat out to what we're now calling the rescue mooring (this isn't the first time a boat has decided to go wandering in the bay since I've been there). 

Rick stood by in case of need but had already served well as moral support while we waited for Pedro. He headed home and after a bit of chit chat, Erin headed back to her boat and I headed back to Housesitting Hill. 

Thanks, Rick!!

Thank you, everyone!
I'd been back a few minutes before getting a text asking for help to get some kitties fed; how lucky when my karma balance works so fast! I'm's time for coffee now.

Have a fine-tuned Friday. Do something fanciful. 

And check your moorings!


  1. Have you quit blogging?

  2. No! I have not had my computer until just today (it broke, it was sent away for rehab, it's back!) and my camera died at the same time so I'll be back in the blogging business very soon! Thanks for asking!