Saturday, April 22, 2017

More Wedding Shells! Vieques

It must be the season but how lucky am I to have four dearhearts making their lifelong commitments within two days of each other, both on beautiful islands, on beautiful beaches? Pretty damn lucky!

But first I had to leave St. Croix. Reluctantly, missing a drive about with other guests who hadn't seen much of the island yet, but happily, knowing I was coming to another gorgeous place to see another amazing event. That works.

Leaving St. Croix
 I hadn't been off of Culebra in awhile and forgot some of the rules. I did remember that the St. Croix airport means TSA, so a utility knife I had in my backpack was handed over to Kat at the airport. It's not a fancy knife but it sure comes in handy and I didn't want to lose it.

But. The first thing I forgot was TSA also takes away liquid larger than 3 ounces. With plenty of time before boarding, I bought a bottle of Cruzan rum (what else do you buy on St. Croix for rum drinkers?) to give as a thank you gift to the people who hooked me up with a very beautiful place to stay. The first guy at TSA looks at it and says, did you just buy that here? Because you know...etc. etc. I was feeling stupid and a bit miffed when he said, don't worry, take it back to the gift shop on this side and she'll let you exchange it for one in the gift shop on the other side of customs. Wow! And she did, opening up the gift shop early so I could make my exchange. Thanks, cool TSA guy!

So long, St. Croix! Until next time.
In the line, for some reason they had to check my computer. All was well and off I went to the waiting area. I was writing my blog post about Michael and Liz's departing ride when I realized I had yet ANOTHER knife that I'd used the night before to poke holes in the JUSTis MARRIED cardboard sign going on their motorcycle. TSA didn't catch it. I hope we all feel safer now.

This is DiAngelo. He was my seat mate on the quick trip between STX and Vieques. I got him well strapped in and we looked at pictures for a bit. He told me a lot of things; he had just been to Florida to have surgery on his legs, see the scar? There are steel rods in there that must be changed every few months so he can grow. He liked the plane, doesn't like swimming much, has a grandmother on Vieques and a few more bits of interest. He might be my favorite seat mate ever. Good luck, DiAngelo, your bravery won't be forgotten when I get pissy about small things.

Hello, Vieques!

The taxi guy took seven of us to a variety of places, places I'd never seen before, some of the homes on well kept properties, in almost jungle like settings. The first was a simple, very tidy home with beautiful plantings in a huge yard, not so high above the beach. The woman who got out there had our ooohs and aaahs trailing behind her. Next was DiAngelo's little family, with Abuella in the lead. A couple who live on St. Croix were next, visiting family here. I talked with the woman a bit, they want to retire to Culebra, where they have family. Family I'm pretty sure I know. They were both really kind and she and I laughed a lot for a very short trip. Finally, it was my turn. I got out early because a refresher walkabout was a good thing. And then, there I was, where I was supposed to be. 

With key in hand, we came in and I got the 'here is where this is' tour before my friend had to get back to work. The sea in front of me, the town behind, I could just enjoy this place and this part of the island. Isabella is the part I know best and it's nice to know where to find the market and bank and farmacia. A few things were different, but not much. The colmado here in town is owned by the same people who own Costa del Sol on Culebra, so I even knew there might be my new go-to wine there and it was! It's a lot different than Costa, bigger, with fresh meats and more veggies, well, more of everything, but it still felt familiar.

Mainly though, I've just stayed here, enjoying the view, the sound of the surf hitting the sand, the cool breezes and the plantings. Lots of them. There is always something to see I didn't catch before or maybe it's just magically appeared while my back was turned. 

I don't know what it is, but I really like it

It might have rained a few drops but not much

Another 'I've never seen that before' 

Some beautiful ginger blossoms

More ginger

A very old flamboyant

Ginger this!
It's almost time to get ready to go to the wedding. Little frissions of tangible joy are coursing. 

Have a seasonal Saturday. Do something saturating. 

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