Saturday, April 8, 2017

Awwww Culebra Kitty Kitties

If you've been around Culebra awhile, you'll notice a big change in strays, both cats and dogs (we won't mention pigs). So much education and hard work has gone on over the years that heart breaking sights have become less and less, and while kitties still roam, many of them are fixed and vaccinated, along with being fed and watered at various feeding stations around the island. But. There's always one, isn't there?

Are you my Mama or Papa?
There are still kitties and sometimes pups who need more than can be given by neutering. Some are just too little to be released, due to something happening to Mom, or other circumstances that aren't very pretty, like putting one month old kittens in a paper bag on a dirt road, or dropping kittens off where other cats are being fed, abandoning them. Such are the cases with many, and one is the case with these adorables. 

This could be your lap!

I have a stripey tummy!
Thanks, Nadeen, Jenny
and a long list of others working hard to benefit the animals of Culebra!,
Dr. Cruz and crew, for all you do!!

If you have fallen in love, all you have to do is give Teresa a call, she can help you figure out how to bring a snuggler to your heart and home!

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