Sunday, July 8, 2018

Camp Winnarainbow and Wavy Gravy Fun Day

The first time (of many times, from Florida to Georgia to Colorado) I saw Wavy Gravy was at one of the pop festivals in Florida that used to happen a few times a year. Big name bands, hundreds of people, and in-between acts, Wavy Gravy, encouraging the crowds to stay hydrated, take advantage of the Hog Farm's free food and know where the medical tent was, in between making us laugh with the clownishness that we loved and would come to love more over the years. I was 14 or 15. Some things stick, even if in not quite precise detail.

A lot of kids juggling as Wavy looks on
That was a long time ago. And over those years, Wavy Gravy and his wife and extended family have done many really good things (you can read about them in this 2011 interview here - old interview but it's only gotten better). 

Yesterday was what is called the Big Show for Camp Winnarainbow; O's brother would be there, his camp stay over (you can read all about Camp Winnarainbow here. The Big Show really is big, kids on unicycles and stilts, kids using silks, kids singing and dancing and juggling, kids being really funny in skits. All of this was from their experiences in camp and all of us adults wished often we could go to camp too. Yes, there is an adult camp! Elijah knew he could get me to go by promising Wavy Gravy would be there. He knows me well.

Kids on the silks.
They acted out activist stories and were

The teepees were sewn up by a woman named Georgie.
When the camp season ends, each one is taken down, though the frames remain.
These kids were waiting for their turn in the Big Show. 

Cotter making magic while family looks on

Watching the stilt dancers

This was the actual beginning, Wavy awaiting the campers as they came in
on stilts and feet on the ground, about 150 of them.
It was pretty dramatic. I thought I was videoing it but...oops!
The Hog Farm has always stuck in my mind as safe people, doing good things while the rest of us were being...whatever we were being in the last of the 60's and early 70's. But it was and is way bigger than I imagined. My son has worked there, and O's dad and girlfriend work the huge gardens there, produce being sold to local markets, a win win for everyone. I should have gotten photos of the gardens and apple orchard but I was full of too many questions to remember to do that. 

Waiting in line for lunch
Another view of the teepees.
They are huge!

Super nice bathrooms, I was surprised.
This sign made me laugh, exactly the opposite of home. 

Some random shots while walking around

There is dress up tent with hundreds of costumes and accoutrements. Iko tried on a hat.

O and her brother checking it out
 Each teepee has its own name and the names of the campers using it. I loved the variety of names.

This is all the campers heading back out. I kept thinking of home and our kids. They've had 40 some years of doing this to perfect the organization, but it seems like something we could have, albeit on a smaller scale. All the money that comes in from selling food and various items goes to a scholarship fund for kids who don't have the finances to pay for camp. It's just...good.

As we walked through the only-us-at-that-moment check-your-kid-out of-camp line, there was Wavy Gravy, back in the shade, sitting in his golf cart. He sang 'Happy Trails' to us as we left. I was in my 'don't bug him' mode, but wanted to have said something, more than just thanks. Or maybe not, maybe letting the reality and the memories be enough, was enough. 

Have a say and live peace and love Sunday! Do something splendid!

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  1. What a wonderful day for you! I'm a little jealous, but more happy for you. :-))