Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Everything's Beachy

On the way to Shelter Cove is a wonderful little general store, called, like the best ones are, after the area, the Shelter Cove General Store. There are groceries and wine and beer and hardware and gifts and fishing stuff, along with more I haven't thought of yet, but if I looked I bet it's there. We were headed to the beach and I forgot to change out of my ratty and very old sandals I keep here. With my first step, one of them decided to give up its sole. Any flip flops, I asked? Of course there were. But it's almost 2020, these weren't your grandma's rubber flip flops, which is how I now own a pair of FloJo leather flip flops. They would need baptizing in the ocean. They got that.

The weather looked fine.
From the mid-90's leaving the house, it dropped to the high 60's at the beach.
It felt good!
We parked and the smiling tractor guy came by saying "Just a head's up, it's going to get tight here, just want you to know." Translation, I might hit your vehicle with this tractor, but I gave you fair warning. Another guy with his truck on the concrete slab right by the water on the other side was leaving, perfect timing. Again.

It definitely would have been tight.
Thoughts of prancing into the water had left me as the temperature dropped but it still felt good on the feet. 

But you know how the ocean is...first it's your toes and then you're in to your knees. That was enough for me. For awhile.

Black sand is weird. But fun. In a way.

O was into jumping wavelets.
The beach was pretty quiet but vehicles started coming down
as we got ready to head out.
I'm always fascinated by how they get their boats out.

There were the remnants of snow crabs all over the beach. One set of claws came up on the tide as Iko and I stood in shallow water, looking very, very much like a skeleton hand waving hello. We said hello. We said good-bye. All I could think of was 'I wonder if the meat is still any good?'.

Have a wondering Wednesday. Do something worthful.

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