Friday, July 6, 2018

Surprising Things

Life is slow going here, much like at home, but the occasional surprises come along. Just like at home.

I took a not so long walk the other day, a road I usually drive on, mainly because it's pretty steep and I'm pretty lazy. But the steepness is what made me look up.

Or maybe it was sheer monkey power
Seeing a monkey sculpture hanging in a random madrone tree...I was happy I was carrying my phone before being accused of seeing flying monkeys (my favorites of all in the Wizard of Oz). 

This other wasn't so much of a surprise as just that feeling of aaahhh, like the tail end of surprise, when, in a dense place and suddenly you are in tree tops and the world opens up to you. One lone tree standing out among thousands.

And the latest weather surprise, Hurricane Beryl. This is the latest from Suzanne of the Finca.

Located at 5am @ 10.6N/45.1W - 1140 miles ESE of Lesser Antilles
Moving W @ 14mph
Max Winds @ 75mph; Pressure @ 995mb

Beryl is a very small hurricane, but with a well defined pinhole eye that has waxed & waned overnight.  Deep convection associated with Beryl has become better organized in the last 12hrs.  Beryl is still in an area of low vertical shear and reasonably warm sea temps so she is likely to intensify further today.  NHC admits to a high uncertainty regarding Beryl's intensity forecast.
Models are still convinced that Beryl will rapidly weaken with increasing shear; that she will reach the Lesser Antilles as only a TS or even just as an open wave.  But regardless, she will be impacting the islands early next week.
This system will be approaching FA late on Sunday/early Monday, with periods of showers & tstms through Tuesday am.  Gusty winds & rain totals of 1-4" are all possible. 

Will be keeping a close eye on SURPRISING BERYL!

I know since reading this there has been this little knot in my belly, even though the rest of me thinks it will all be well. For some of you, that knot will be bigger. Do the necessary and talk to friends and family. Find some things to laugh about. And let's vibe to roll away that Beryl!

Have a fortuitous Friday. Do something faceted. 

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