Wednesday, July 4, 2018

4th of July and other Goings On

Plans for the 4th around here? None that I know about today, so I'm free to think about what's happening on Culebra and take a reminiscent stroll through some old days celebrations. 

In looking for a photo of one of the houseboat parties, I came across something even better, a video of one of those parties! This is taken by Jo, of Jo and Loren out of St. Thomas but frequent Culebra visitors. This is from 2009, which sounds like a long time ago. Enjoy!

Yesterday I got to play Grandma for a time in the park. I'd never been to this park before we went river floating and now I've been twice. 

After doing the park things, swing pushes, teeter tottering, climbing on every possible climbing thing, and repeating all quite a few times, I got a text that Allie's dentist appointment would run longer than planned (I was not surprised, I live in the land of no appointments). 

O suggested a walk - 'No, we're not going in the river!' - I didn't really know what a walk meant there, but figured she must, so off we went. Now I want to go back and take the real hike.

Over in a sort of corner area, there is a beautiful stone fireplace (it also happens to be barely in front of a no-fenced plunge to a dry river bed, meaning no photos while keeping Ms. Curious from enjoying that view. Next to that is a plaque about the park. 

In 1967 Mrs. E.N. Tooby made this site available to the County of Humboldt to be used by the citizens of Southern Humboldt as a community park honoring the three Tooby brothers. She placed a plaque near the grove with this description:

“These trees, the river and the glades all belong to the ages, what they have to offer in inspiration is yours to now enjoy.” (from the Tooby Park website)

Over a little bridge, you are suddenly in a redwood grove. I don't know why it is called a grove instead of a woods or forest and I couldn't quickly find out, so if you know, tell! There was an open area O started running into, saying there was a face carved on a tree. 'Cahvd face' Iko echoed. Sure, I want to see that.

Hurry it up!

There are babies and giants and one saw down log from a 'stump' - is it a stump if it's 30 feet high? right next to it. It looks like it was burned but I'm not sure. All I know is it's massive. The log is cut into three pieces and placed together for our enjoyment.

O was already climbing up the log. Yes, that giant thing in the background.
Kids make great perspective markers.
This thing was massive. 
Who knows why this was built? It still has its draw.
The face carved in a tree was actually a bronze plaque memorializing a man who's nickname was 'Gyspy', remembered for his love of nature and adventure. A face in a tree, out in a redwood grove with no rails or fences anywhere seems like an apt memorial to me. 

Over 'there' is an incline with a few of those giants standing about as they have for a very long time and a path leading up and away in a very temptational, luring way, but for another day. The grove isn't going anywhere soon, thanks to Mrs. Tooby and the Southern Humboldt Park folks, along with others. 

A fast moving shallow riverfront at one side, a redwood grove on the other and a few wild acres in between. Not a shabby park to while away kid playing time during a dentist appointment. 

Oh!! I finally got more oysters. Sarah had some local ones brought in but no shucking knife (Hey, a knife and a hammer! Sarah said no - she hates watching me bleed), so we did the 'heat the grill up to a billion degrees and toss 'em on for a minute' thing. Pop pop pop and yum!

Have a Washingtonian Wednesday. Do something (un)wavering!

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