Friday, July 20, 2018

The Eel

Yesterday was a hot one. It's so weird, always, to be in this place where at night I'm under the covers with real pajamas on, sometimes with the little heater going and by 10 in the morning be sweating, just like at home, but without our high humidity. It's still about sweating. And no sea breeze. So when my son and our friend Dave came over to where my daughter Sarah lives and where I'd been hanging out the last few days during The Great Truck Buy, and asked if I'd like to go to Redway beach with them, I was in!

Gate, doggie bag station for cleaning up after your critter
It's a popular spot but this mid-week day was mellow
To get to Redway Beach, which is on the Eel River (where we landed at the end of the kayaking trip on my birthday) by road, you can easily miss the turn off into this wonderful little neighborhood of unique homes tucked in among the giant redwoods. The streets meander this way and that, narrow and beckoning, but we were looking for a parking place among the cars lining the road that ends in access to the beach. Don't be thinking white sands of Flamenco, this is more a brown sand but mostly rocks. Small rocks, thousands of rocks, leading down to a bend in the river that is shallow and tranquil, perfect for cooling off.

Iko and Papa, sharing a rock
One of my favorite rock sides right here.
It's hard to imagine the time it took to make those erosions,
but I try to imagine it anyway. 
The Eel River is so much warmer than the Mattole, a branch of which is across the street from the berry farm where we go on other hot days. It's icy cold and I think I've only dunked in entirely once in all the years I've been coming out here. The Eel though, in this spot, it's warm and welcoming for floating and kayaking in the high heat of summer and definitely a good break from blazing sun. It can be a treacherous river in other seasons, but here, now, it is just, oh sweet!

From the top of the not so very long trail 
When we were ready to go, I headed up first because I wanted some time with the trees. Maybe people get used to them here, but I still stand around, amazing gazing. 

It's hard to reference the size, but if you can imagine
those leaves to be about hand size, it might help


Twins of different mothers
So goes another day. 

Since it's one minute from midnight, I'll skip to Friday and say

Have a fantastical Friday! Do something frivolous. With love.

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