Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Tiskit, A Tasket, A Photo-Filled Basket

Because I can't give each of you a basket full of lovely hand-dyed hard boiled eggs, home-made chocolates with centers of various liqueurs, with tiny surprises - I can't tell you, they wouldn't be surprises - buried in the new-mown grass while you wait for your leg of lamb dinner with an aroma like an arrow pointing straight to the kitchen; new potatoes and asparagus mingled in, while you are sitting at a long wooden plank table enlivened with brilliant tulips and daffodils in fat glass bowls, seated in comfortable arm chairs among your best family and friends with a glass of a dry Spanish rose or sparkling cider in your hand...I'll give you this instead.

And then a blessing rain came down! It was beautiful.

My neighbor didn't let the rain stop the good times (this one's for you)

The cat didn't quite feel the same way.

Have a satisfyingly sated Saturday. Do something sublime!


  1. I'll take pictures of Zoni over leg of lamb and colored eggs any day. Beautiful photos, as always.