Saturday, March 9, 2013

They Work!

Report from Lori re: Flamenco Cat Feeding Stations -

Hi Everyone,
I visited the cat feeding stations this evening at Flamenco with some friends and all are in great shape.

We replenished food where needed and added mackerel fish to attract more cats.

Neil, kiosk owner of Pico de Gallo, said he's already noticed a lot fewer cats hanging at the kiosks. There were several cats feeding at the entrance feeding station.
What a great accomplishment! Thank you to everybody,

We'll be building roofs for the other two stations and photos will follow

If you are wondering about the bowls and admit it, you were, they have water in them to discourage ants from traveling up the wood to the food. This is a tropical diversion. Of course, in our drought, every creature is so thirsty, that water could get lapped up by a deer or a gecko or a bird just as easily. Luckily, we have awesome volunteers (the same ones who do everything - funny how that works - and no, that wouldn't be me, this is a special project that I'm mainly involved in because I like to get to go places at the campground people aren't supposed to go...oh and yes, I like cats) who are out there early in the morning and then again in the evening to top up food and water. Good on 'em! 

If you're inclined to BE a feeding volunteer, and you can do that even as a visitor - breaks are welcome - send me an email* and I'll put you in touch with Lori.

Have a sate the (un)satisfied Saturday. Do something slightly secretive.

 *caribemj (@)

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